Richard Feeny

Richard Feeny

Richard Arms Feeney is the US Sailing Youth National Coach. In addition to coaching at various US Sailing Championships, he is the founder of the 29er team, The Great Northern Skiff Squad and is an educator at the Community Boating Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Formerly, Richard served as a head sailing coach at Brown University. Richard is currently involved with coaching fast boats but is passionate about any and all boats. A sailing related goal that Richard is currently working towards to foiling more and working on launching his 105-year-old Wianno Senior boat. Richard’s best advice for sailors attending the US Sailing Championships is to introduce yourself and to make friends, as your reputation precedes you.


Event(s) Coaching at:

U.S. Youth Championship, 29er fleet

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, 29er fleet

Chubb U.S. Junior Championship, c420 fleet

How would you describe your coaching style?

“My coaching style is relentlessly positive. Having fun, being creative and having freedom is critical.”

Fun Fact about Coach Richard:

He once ran the Maui Marathon!