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Sailing has been part of Kilroy’s culture from the very beginning, and it’s served us well. To this day, the sport influences, inspires, and infuses our core values we hold dear.

By supporting the athletes on the US Sailing Team, who routinely remind us of what it takes to win, we honor this vibrant community known for producing future business leaders. Like our athletes, we operate in highly dynamic environments, filled with changing currents, shifting winds, and occasional rogue waves. We also understand that turning obstacles into opportunities is what it takes to stay ahead, and that doing so requires commitment to leadership, sustainability, teamwork, community, diversity, technology, and innovation.

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Values of a Sailor


What it takes to stay ahead

Discipline & Integrity

Sharing knowledge and experience is vital to long term progress. As we pursue success, we must nurture, develop, and seek out leaders on the water and in business. Kilroy and the US Sailing Team are constantly building the next generation of leaders within, because they are the key to our future.



Powered by nature. Respecting earth.

Environmental Responsibility

A global sport harnessing both wind and water, sailing is intrinsically sustainable. Kilroy is similarly driven by a commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning Kilroy and the US Sailing Team’s missions: to protect the planet, our most finite resource.

Sustainability Report 



The difference between following and leading

Vision & Imagination

As athletes and business leaders, Kilroy and the US Sailing Team turn to technology to drive innovation— combining instinct with metrics and mechanics to make better decisions and excel at what we do.



Always moving forward together

Partners for Success

By welcoming different perspectives and playing to each other’s strong suits, we make better decisions in the boardroom and on the race course. Healthy communication fosters an environment for growth and teamwork, promoting a space for mentorship as our pipeline and our future.

Meet the Athletes

Maggie Shea
Wilmette, IL
Stephanie Roble
East Troy, WI


Nevin Snow
San Diego, CA
Ian Barrows
St. Thomas , US V
Hans Henken
Coronado, Calif.


Riley Gibbs
Long Beach, CA
Lara Dallman-Weiss
Shoreview, Minn.


David Hughes
Ithaca, NY
Nikki Barnes
St. Thomas, USVI

Charlotte Rose
Houston, TX


Daniela Moroz
Lafayette, FL
Markus Edegran
West Palm Beach, FL


Pedro Pascual
Miami, FL

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