19 Teams Entered for U.S. Multihull Championship

Quick Links:  See who’s competing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mi88Fmr_oLHq84Gc-9P1XBPdftoKzfVWj9R_Q_d5Zvk/edit#gid=0   Championship info: https://www.ussailing.org/competition/championships/2022-u-s-multihull-championship/   Follow US Sailing on Instagram and Facebook for event coverage Competitors from across the country will descend on Newport, Rhode Island for the U.S. Multihull Championship, held by Sail Newport August 25-28. The championship will be raced in Formula 18 (F18) catamarans, guaranteed to bring lots…Read More

Two U.S. Multihull Championships Planned for 2021

The United States Formula 18 Association and US Sailing have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 F18 Americas and U.S. Multihull Championship, originally scheduled for September 26 to October 2, 2020, hosted by San Diego Yacht Club and Mission Bay Yacht Club. Race organizers from USF18, US Sailing, Mission Bay Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club are exploring dates to reschedule this combined championship in 2021.

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Easton, Burd Claim Alter Trophy at U.S. Multihull Championship

Helmsmen Michael Easton and Ravi Parent went head-to-head this weekend in their Formula 18 catamarans at the 43rd Buzzards Bay Regatta. For the first time in history, the U.S. Multihull Championship for the Hobie Alter Trophy was decided at this historic New England Regatta.

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Lars Guck Earns U.S. Multihull Championship

BRISTOL, R.I. (September 21, 2014) - As soon as the U.S. Multihull Championship began on Friday, it was clear that multi-time A-Cat North American Champion Lars Guck (Barrington, R.I.) was the most accomplished and experienced A-Cat sailor in the fleet of 15. On Sunday's finale, Guck finished the regatta like he started on Friday, and…Read More

U.S. Multihull Championship Day 2 Report

BRISTOL, R.I. (September 20, 2014) - The A-Cat sailors were once again greeted with windy conditions on Narragansett Bay with warmer temperatures on Day 2 of the U.S. Multihull Championship, hosted by Bristol Yacht Club. Fleet leader Lars Guck (Barrington, R.I.) continued his A-Cat clinic on Saturday and remains unbeaten through eight races. The competitors…Read More

U.S. Multihull Championship Day 1 Report

BRISTOL, R.I. (September 19, 2014) – Narragansett Bay proved to be the perfect match for the speedy, stealth A-Cats on Day 1 of the U.S. Multihull Championship, hosted by the Bristol Yacht Club. The conditions on the Bay were nothing short of spectacular on Friday. The weather featured sunny skies, breezes exceeding 15 knots at…Read More

Top Multihull Sailors to Race A-Cats on Narragansett Bay

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (September 17, 2014) – For the first time in U.S. Multihull Championship history, the Hobie Alter Trophy will be decided in A-Class Catamarans, popularly known as A-Cats. This Friday through Sunday (September 19-21), the Bristol Yacht Club (R.I.) will serve as host to this US Sailing National Championship for three action-packed days of…Read More

2014 U.S. Multihull Championship to be Sailed in A-Cats

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (June 27, 2014) - The 2014 U.S. Multihull Championship will be raced in A-Class Catamarans popularly known as A-Cats, for the first time in event history. The Bristol Yacht Club (R.I.) will serve as host this US Sailing National Championship for the Hobie Alter Trophy on September 18-21. Racing will take place on…Read More