Winners Crowned at Long Beach US Open Sailing Series

BRISTOL, R.I. (July 19, 2023) – After three days of light air racing, winners were crowned in 11 classes this weekend at the US Open Sailing Series hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, Long Beach Yacht Club, and the US Sailing Center Long Beach. This event was hosted concurrently with the ILCA North American Championship. Established in 2019, the series was built on the back of the popular Olympic Class Regatta (OCR) events as a domestic training platform for athletes racing in Olympic class boats. The US Open Sailing Series Long Beach gave sailors a chance to get on the water at the LA 2028 Olympic Games sailing venue. As the LA 2028 Games get closer, having a domestic training platform available for Olympic hopefuls at the future venue becomes even more vital. 

“Although we had lighter winds, the camaraderie and collaborative efforts of the three host entities, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, Long Beach Yacht Club, US Sailing Center along with US Sailing ensured success of the US Open/Long Beach Olympic Class Regatta and ILCA North American,” said Regatta Chair Mike Van Dyke. “The partners showed strong cohesion and the volunteers worked tirelessly on organizing the event. Creating an organizing structure and a volunteer base is critical for the success of additional lead up regattas and the Olympics in 2028. We look forward to the road to ‘28.”  

Throughout the weekend, sailors and race officials battled fog and light air off of Belmont Pier. While Friday saw a late start due to fog, it was also the best day for wind, with a 10-12 knots breeze. Saturday and Sunday were lighter, staying below 10 knots. US Sailing would like to thank Gill Marine, Siemens Software, New England Ropes, and Yeti for their support of the US Open Sailing Series California.  

For the US Open, medals were awarded to the top three sailors in each class sailing in the Olympic configuration.  

Class Podiums 

Formula Kite: 

  1. Adam Keaton – 11 points 
  2. Neil Marcellini – 23 points 
  3. Leif Given – 24 points 

ILCA 7 (also competing for the ILCA North American Championship) 

  1. Robby Meek – 35 points 
  2. Ford McCann – 39 points 
  3. Leo Boucher – 45 points 

ILCA 6: 

  1. Lillian Myers – 20 points 
  2. Charlotte Rose – 27 points 
  3. Hallie Schiffman – 46 points 

ILCA 4: 

  1. Jason Folvig – 8 points  
  2. Beck Brill – 13 points 
  3. Gavin Galway – 25 points 

IQFOiL Men: 

  1. Ethan Froelich – 10 points 
  2. Xavier Ferlet – 12 points 
  3. Paul Didham – 25 points 

IQFOiL Women: 

  1. Bryn Muller – 10 points 
  2. Danika Sailer – 16 points 
  3. Anna Weis – 19 points 

IQFOiL U19: 

  1. Makani Andrews – 8 points 
  2. Garrett January – 18 points 
  3. Jack Parr – 19 points 

IQFOiL U19 Women: 

  1. Aimee Bright – 8 points  
  2. Elizaveta Astakhova – 17 points  
  3. Stella Bilger – 20 points  


  1. Christopher Daher & Alexis Mottl-Long – 8 points 
  2. Gage Christopher & Colin Kennedy – 14 points 
  3. Carsten Zieger & Charley Stephenson – 21 points  


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