Top 10 Reasons to Sail a Catamaran

10. Fast is fun. Multihulls are fast. Average upwind speeds near 10 knots are common, and downwind at 15-20 knots is easy.

9. Stability is relaxing. The ability to park and “chillax” is a great trait of multihulls.

8. Fewer collisions. Because the collisions have high consequences there are very few.

7. Kinetics don’t work. Sick of cheaters rocking and pumping? Those don’t work in multihulls, so the racing is better.

6. Physically demanding. The loads are high so you get stronger.

5. Mentally demanding. It’s all the same, and yet totally different.

4. Mature fleet. Not old, but really cool. A little eccentric, very professional, and always interesting. Interesting boats attract interesting people.

3. Cutting edge. Will you ever forget the first time you saw an AC 72 on foils?! The Americas Cup brings intense technological development.

2. Globe trotting. The fastest way to cross an ocean or take a lap around the world is on a multihull.

1. Fast is fun!

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