Cruise for a Cause: Learn to Enlighten – Northwest Yachting

Read More page 30: Frog Prints e!” partners with local schools and the sailing community to provide hands-on STEM learning through a combination of robotic builds, sailing, and REACH modules.  In the past two years we’ve extended our programing to include summer STEM sailing camps that include a week of sailing, after they’ve undergone a week…Read More

Hudson River Community Sailing: Inspiring NYC youth through STEM and Sailing

Each year, 150 students from nine public high schools in New York City, each with a unique story, participate in Sail Academy, a four-year youth development program at Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS). HRCS students learn to sail, build wooden boats, and receive academic credit through an after-school program that uses STEM curriculum and US…Read More

Racing, Outreach, and Education shined at LVACWS – New York Event

Racing, Outreach, and Education shined at LVACWS – New York Event  a blog by Jessica Servis, Reach Initiative Manager, US Sailing Over 200,000 spectators lined the docks of Southern Manhattan Friday May 6th – Sunday May 8th catching a glimpse of the newest sailing technology on the water, foiling sailboats (AC45s in this case.) US…Read More

Passion, Diversity, Environmental Education, & Fun – Sailing Leadership Forum 2016

By Celia Oprinovich, Reach Instructor/Sailing Coach, Indiana Sailing Association, East Chicago, Indiana US Sailing’s 2nd Sailing Leadership Forum was held in San Diego, California. Holding true to its theme of Connect, Discover, Grow, many opportunities were present throughout the three day event to do just that.  The daily schedule included early morning exercises on the…Read More

Creek Bridge, SC Reach Students Study Sailing at Beneteau Manufacturing Facility

WBTW NEWS 13 By Jo Brown Published: March 2, 2016, 8:32 pm On March 3, 2016; the 7th grade Reach students from Marion’s Creek Bridge School visited the BGM plant to take part in sailing the remote controlled Nirvana sailboats that several of our team members assembled last week during their lunch hour in preparation…Read More

New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) Climate of Change Conference

by: Dayna McRoberts, Education & Outreach VISTA, Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center   We can not all travel to every conference in STEM Education and Sailing,however we can share what we learn. Below, and in future posts you will find a report from a Reach Educator who received a a professional development grant to attend…Read More

Chelsea Petrais of Community Boating Inc – kids in attendance began to ask more science based questions

“The Reach Initiative at Community Boating Inc. has made a positive impact among the youth in Community Boating’s junior program. Throughout the summer, I noticed how those in attendance became more aware of their environment and became more passionate about the sailing world. I believe this was due to the activities included in the reach…Read More

Stuart Proctor of Downtown Sailing Center – Baltimore, MD

“The two mentoring sessions held at Community Boating Center, the Reach IT training, and the STEM Program Quality Assessment (PQA) evaluations have been critical in helping us up our game at the Downtown Sailing Center. We’ve got a long way to go but we’re off on the correct foot! Keep up your great work and…Read More

Hudson River Community Sailing: Connecting Math, Meteorology, and Sailing

Hudson River Community Sailing teaches math and science to hundreds of New York City middle and high school students. This August, HRCS’s City Sail summer program was featured on WPIX, a local NYC news channel, as part of the weather segment. In the clip, you can see reach Module 1: Measuring Wind in action, as…Read More

2015 AweSTEM Back to School Fun at NESS

Caroline Pierce of New England Science and Sailing wrote the following blog post about their AweSTEM in August of 2015. “One month ago, NESS held their first “AweSTEM Back to School” event for students in grades 2-6. NESS, a proud US Sailing REACH sub-hub, offered an afternoon of free programming for 44 students from Connecticut…Read More