Reading Surface Weather Maps – Webinar 1

Presented by: Joseph Sienkiewicz, Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch at the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center   Thursday, March 19th 3-4pm   Joe is responsible for forecast technique development and optimizing the use of ocean and satellite observing systems for ocean weather forecasting.   Education: B.S., SUNY Maritime College – 1980 Meteorology and Oceanography, M.S.,…Read More

Westwind Sailing Executive Director Diane Wenzel – Testimonial

“We would very much like the opportunity to expand Reach in southern California. Westwind Sailing is excited to be offering additional Sail Into Science courses within our community this year using Reach curriculum.   We can’t thank US Sailing enough for creating this program and encouraging us to give it a try.  The feedback in our…Read More

Lake Stewardship and STEM Education at Community Sailing Center in Burlington, VT

By: Ryan Robinson, Executive Director, Community Sailing Center (CSC) and Jen Guimaraes, Associate Director CSC The Community Sailing Center’s (CSC) Floating Classroom is an educational  program that uses sailing as a medium to teach science and stewardship. Our courses are three hours in duration and split up in two groups. Half the day is spent…Read More

Campers Make Great Strides at Young Mariners Foundation – (Reach Program Metrics at YMF)

By: Marilyn Shapiro, Executive Director, Young Mariners Foundation Almost 70 campers attended both the Blue Water Bound Summer Sailing Camps and the Greenwich Young Mariners Sailing Program this past summer. They not only learned how to sail, but also received academic enrichment utilizing the Reach Curriculum for Middle Schools. This resulted in a significant and…Read More

Community Boating Center: Science and Special Education Teacher

“The Community Boating Center has offered my students an opportunity to participate in US Sailing’s Reach program, which has facilitated project based-learning and provided students outdoor opportunities that they otherwise would not be able to enjoy. The students have participated in a number of activities from giving back to their community by picking up debris along the…Read More

The Downtown Sailing Center partners with You Make A Difference STEMMA Inc.

Summer Sailing in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Women of Color Magazine (Fall, 2014) – The Downtown Sailing Center, led by Executive Director Lynn Handy partnered with You Make A Difference STEMMA, Inc to give 22 diverse children the opportunity of a lifetime. Through the partnership, leaders from You Make A Difference STEMMA Inc, attended the US…Read More

NESS SEA Americorps Program Underway in New London, CT

By: Cindy Nickerson, New England Science and Sailing Executive Director, and Mary Ann Horrigan, NESS Program Director While sailing along in Captain Nick on a sunny October day with a cool, steady breeze, a student from the Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School STEM Academy throws her arms in the air exclaiming, “I feel like I…Read More

Why STEM and Sailing?

By John O’Flaherty, Executive Director, Community Boating Center India Point Park, Providence, RI Mastering upwind sailing or performing the perfect roll tack are noble skill sets for any sailor. The complexity of sailing creates a challenging, yet alluring drive to succeed and understand the forces at work in our sport. While sailing fast is appealing…Read More

Reach Organization List

Organization Name* Organization Address - street, city, state, zip* Contact Name* First Last Contact Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Organization Logo Just attach your organization's logo so that we can put it on our website. Summary of 2015 Programming Number of Reach Participants in 2015 Number of Reach Participants in 2016 Additional Reach Program Pictures…Read More

“We need to teach students how to solve problems…” – Katie Schlotterbeck, middle school science teacher

“The Reach curriculum is very flexible. It’s also easy to teach. You don’t have to make the topics exciting – they’re already exciting for students. I like that the modules are inquiry based. Too many times, students are given a set of directions to follow. I like to say, Here’s the question, now how can…Read More