Bareboat Cruising: Selecting a charter company

As a potential customer, you can contact several charter companies to determine the best service for your charter requirements. Ask friends who have used the companies you’re considering for their opinions. Look for professional practices and a business-like attitude at all levels of contact. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of the financial arrangements.

Equipment varies between companies. Be very clear about the equipment included in your contract and look for what’s not listed. If there’s no mention of a dinghy with outboard, for example, expect to pay extra.

Contracts and Deposits
All charter companies require a deposit with your reservation. Your contract should specify the boat you reserved, the payment schedule, company refund practices, and any additional fees. Most companies require a security deposit or insurance to cover damage to the vessel. In some situations the deposit must be made in cash or certified check. Consider vacation insurance in case your charter is canceled.

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