U.S. Multihull Championship

U.S. Multihull Championship

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June 1 – June 30, 2019

Spray Beach Yacht Club, Beach Haven, New Jersey

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Previous Winners

2017 – Phil Collins  Hobie 17

2016 – Ken Marshack, Valarie Pioszak  Hobie 18

2015 – Michael Easton,  Tripp Burd Formula 18

2014 – Lars Guk A Cat

2013 – Enrique Figueroa, Carla Malatrasi Hobie 16

2012 – Sarah Newberry, Kenny Pierce Formula 16

2011 – Matt Struble, Damon Lacasella Viper F16

2010  – Pete Melvin, Nat Shaver C2 F18

2009 – John Casey, John Williams Viper F16

2008 – Nigel Pitt, Alex Shafer  F18

2007 – John Casey, John Williams Blade F16

2006 – Robbie Daniel, Hunter Stunzi Nacra 20 spi

2005 – Greg Thomas, Jacques Bernier Hobie Tiger spi

2004 – Mike Montague, Kathy Ward Hobie 16 no spi

2003 – Matt Struble, W.F. Oliver Javelin F18HT spi

2002 – Matt Struble, Domonique Martin Hobie Tiger spi

2001 – Matt Struble, Mike Kletke Inter 20 spi

1999-2000 – Keith Christensen, Shala Youngerman Hobie 20

1998-1999 – Randy Smyth, Keith Notary Nacra 6.0na

1997-1998 – Pete Melvin, Roger Jenkins Hobie 20

1996 – Jeff Newsome, Sandra Tartaglino Inter 18

1995 – Randy Smyth, Jason Sneed Hobie 20

1994 – Bob Curry, Kirk Newkirk Mystere 6.0

1993 – Randy Smyth, Bert Rice Nacra 5.5

1992 – Lake Tahoe, CA Larry Suter, Nick Scandone Hobie 20

1991 – Carlton Tucker, Sean Donnelly Prindle 19

1990 – Randy Smyth, Glenn Purcell Prindle 18-2

1989 – Alan Egusa, Paul Parizeau Hobie 21

1988 – Carlton Tucker, Mary Alice Tucker Hobie 18

1987 – Carlton Tucker, Jarrett Melvin Nacra 5.7

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2019 Venue Selected

Spray Beach Yacht Club, Beach Haven, NJ – Hobie 14

Event to be held: June 2019
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The U.S. Multihull Championship is one of several prestigious championships hosted by US Sailing and sailed in selected one-design class boats. The perpetual trophy was presented and named the Alter Trophy in 1986 in honor of Hobie Alter, Sr. and his extraordinary promotion of one-design multihull sailing and racing programs.


The U.S. Multihull Championship for the Hobie Alter Trophy has become one of the nation’s major sailing championships, having featured world champions from numerous classes, Olympic medalists and several national champions from the multihull ranks.

The U.S. Multihull Championship was conceived by the Multihull Council in the spring of 1985 as a service to multihull racing sailors. It is intended to determine a U.S. national multihull champion and is sailed annually in various types of multihulls.

Originally the championship had the good fortune of having manufacturers provide new boats including Hobie, Inter, Nacra, Prindle, Mystere and Bimare classes but in 2013, the decision was made to rotate it each year through the various classes of catamarans to better represent the depth of multihull sailing in the United States.




2018 U.S. Multihull Championship