2021 Championship of Champions

Event Details

September 17, 2021 – September 19, 2021

Pontiac Yacht Club
Orchard Lake Village, Michigan

Competing for:

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Previous Winners

  • 2021 – Connor Blouin, Samuel Blouin, JoAnn Fisher – Lightnings
  • 2020 – Jake La Dow, Alexander Curtiss – Harbor 20s
  • 2019 – Dalton Bergan, Benjamin Glass – Ideal 18s
  • 2018 – Bill Draheim, Rod Favela – Raced in Y-Flyers
  • 2017 – Steve Benjamin, Christopher Larson, Phil Trinter – Raced in Sonars
  • 2016 – Paul Jon Patin – Raced in Sunfish
  • 2015 – Brad Funk, Trevor Burd – Raced in VX:One
  • 2014 – Mike Ingham, Delia Ingham,Dan Fien – Raced in Thistles
  • 2013 – Brian Keane, Steve Hunt, Victor Diaz De Leon – Raced in Lightnings
  • 2012 – Ed Eckert, Matthew Schmidt – C Scow- Raced in C Scows
  • 2011 – Andrew Eagan, Marcus Eagan – Flying Scot – Raced in Flying Scots
  • 2010 – Chris Raab, Robert Kinney – Mercury 18 – Raced in Ideal 18s
  • 2009 – Skip Dieball – Highlander Champion – Raced in Lightnings
  • 2008 – Doug Kaukeinen- Sunfish National Champion – Raced in Sunfish
  • 2007 – Ernesto Rodriguez and Megan Place – Snipe National Champion – Raced in Snipes
  • 2006 – Alan Field, Steve Hunt -Martin 242 Champions – Raced in Y Flyers
  • 2005 – Michael Ingham, E. Baker, Delia Ingham – Thistle N Champions – Raced in Flying Scots
  • 2004 – Michael Funsch, Jay Lurie – Vanguard 15 Champions- Raced in JY 15s
  • 2003 – Allen Terhune – Lightning Champions -Raced in MC Scows
  • 2002 – Bill Draheim, Natalie Mauney, Scott Mauney – Flying Scots – Raced in Flying Scots
  • 2001 – George Szabo, Brian Janney – Star
  • 2000 – Paul Foerster, Carrie Foerster – JY15
  • 1999 – John Mollicone, Danny Rabin – JY 15
  • 1998 – Kelly Gough, Heide Gough, Natalie Mauney – Flying Scots
  • 1997 – George Szabo, Stacey Dumain – Lido 14s
  • 1996 – George Szabo, Stacey Dumain – Lido 14s
  • 1995 – Brian Taboada, Larry Colantuano -Lightning – Ideal 18s
  • 1994 – Russell Robinson, Allan Robinson – 110
  • 1993 – Russell Robinson, Mike Considine – 110
  • 1992 – Paul Foerster – Flying Dutchman – raced in MC Scows
  • 1991 – Jamie McCreary – International One-Design
  • 1990 – Craig Leweck, Matt Reynolds – Lido 14
  • 1989 – Bart Hackworth, Will Baylis – Santana 20 – raced in One-Design 14
  • 1988 – Ed Adams, Meredith Adams – 1986 Champions
  • 1987 – Paul Forester, Andrew Goldman, Bill Draheim – Flying Dutchman
  • 1986 – Ed Adams, Meredith Adams, Geoff Moore – Snipe
  • 1985 – Steve Rosenberg, Brodie Cobb, Jim Brady – Snipe
  • 1984 – Riaz Latifullah, Barney Harris, Jud Smith – Albacore
  • 1983 – Hobie Alter, Jr., Scott Ward – Hobie 18
  • 1982 – John Kostecki – Sunfish
  • 1981 – John Kolius, Chuck Wilk, Mark Foster – J/24
  • 1980 – Dave Ullman, Jim Linskey – 470
  • 1979 – Hobie Alter, Jr., Christian Banks – Prindle 16
  • 1978 – Tom Linskey, Neal Fowler – Coronado 15
  • 1977 – Tom Linskey, Jeff Linehart – Coronado 15
  • 1976 Fall – Tom Ehman, Major Hall – Flying Scot
  • 1976 Spring – Clark Thompson, Jr., Doug Johnston, Lawrence Daniel – Ensign


USSA Member Discounts: Travel, PFD, Sunglasses, more…

Hosting a US Sailing Championship

US Sailing Regulations Amended 27-July-2020

About This Event

Class Boat: Lightning

Dates: September 17-19, 2021

Qualifying period EXTENDED  from: August 1, 2020 – August 22, 2021



Event Photos can be found on ShotKeeper/Smugmug compliments of photographer Phil Matora:

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS   SI Amendment 1    SI Amendment 2

NOR Amendment 1    NOR Amendment 2   NOR Amendment 3



Competitors are reminded to bring their USCG Approved PFDs to check in and have while on the water

Travel information: Housing for competitors with PYC is on a first come basis: Contact Ray Peters

Dress Code and Meals: Attire is casual for the event after racing festivities. There will be a band Saturday evening and dancing. All meals are taken care of by host- Thursday- Sunday. Additional tickets for family/friends can be purchased at venue.

Airport: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County

Car service from Airport:

LYFTand Uber also available

Hotels: US Sailing does have discounts through USSA Member Beneifts: USSA Member Discounts: Travel, PFD, Sunglasses,…

Championship Waivers, Releases and Code of Conduct – All athletes must fill out a form prior to event date.


  • Those eligible to Apply, must be the winning one design class United States, North American or World Champion helms-person (from the U.S.A.) during the qualifying period. August 1, 2020 – August 4, 2021.
  • Eligible class champions may apply for this event by submitting an online Application for Selection, a PHLOTILLA Personal Profile, and non-refundable application fee of $50.00 before the 2021 Event Date Deadline to Apply for Selection: August 8, 2021

    • Application/Invitation process:
      • Apply for an invitation- Each class champion should receive an email with application information. If you meet the selections criteria and do not receive an email from USSA CofC Committee Chair: Terrance Fraser. Contact-
        • Applicants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible about their sailing career
      • After the Application Deadline closes- the CofC selection committee will review all eligible applications
      • All applicants will be notified by dates specified within the NOR via email of acceptance, wait-list placement or decline of acceptance-  The list will be posted on the event website
      • Selected sailors are to accept or decline invitation via email within terms listed within the invitation email. They are to move on to the registration phase by completing all online registration documents and make final registration entry fees by date specified within the NOR or in the invitation email
      • Wait-list Applicants will be emailed as movement is made from the invited sailors list.
  • Up to nineteen (19) applicants will be invited to attend this event. The twentieth (20th) competitor will be an invited Mystery Guest.
  • Eligible late entries may be accepted or invited at the discretion of the US Sailing Championship of Champions Committee.

Championship Facts

  • Racing will be limited to 19 invited competitors plus a “mystery guest”
  • The championship is held in a different class each year – the provided boat for the 2021 event will be Lightnings
  • All competitors must be at least 18 years of age at time of the Championship of Champions.
  • Total number aboard shall be 3 persons( Helm plus 2 crew). No more, no less.
  • All competitors must be current members of US Sailing,
  • The winning class helm must be members of their One Design Class Association and their representing class be members of US Sailing. Proof of membership will be requested upon application and registration USSA Member and Class Association Lookup Here
  • The applicant must be a winning one design class United States, North American or World Champion helms-person. Due to Covid-19 health concerns, a number of invited teams from the 2020 CofC event will be permitted to apply for invitation to the 2021 event.
  • Eligible competitors shall normally sail in the U.S., be members of US Sailing and be members of a club, class or association affiliated with US Sailing
  • As this Championship is held in the Corinthian spirit of competition, no skipper or crew may be paid to sail in this event.
  • Boats are supplies and shall be new and identical when possible
  • The provided boat will be sailed in a “round robin” format
  • Classes in which the event has been held run the gamut from conventional to cutting edge and have included but not limited to:
  • Invited helms have included the winner of the Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year, Olympians, and other sailing luminaries:
    • Sally and Stan Honey 2020
    • Cory Sertl 2019
    • Megan Ploch 2018
    • Steve Benjamin 2017
    • Paul-Jon Patin 2016
    • Brad Funk 2015
    • Greg fisher 2014
    • Betsy Alison 2013
    • Bora Gulari 2012
    • Bruce Kirby 2010
    • Paul Cayard 2009
    • Sally Barkow 2006


Championship History

Inaugurated in 1976, US Sailing selects up to nineteen competitors who are current national,  North American, or World champions of their respective classes. Eligible are sailors who normally sail in the U.S., are members of US Sailing and are members of a club, class or association affiliated with US Sailing.

The Championship is named in honor of Jack Brown who was noted for his service as a judge, regatta organizer and member of US Sailing Committees.


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