YETI Joins US Sailing Team as Partner

BRISTOL, RI (December 6, 2021) — The US Sailing Team is proud to announce a partnership with YETI, a company that honors our oceans and understands what clean water means to our sport. As a partner of the Team, YETI helps athletes eliminate the need for single-use plastics and supports the high-performance sailing community with gear that stands up to the toughest elements. Together, YETI and US Sailing will continue to be ambassadors for responsible practices as we look together towards a more environmentally conscious future.

“YETI’s focus on the key areas of sustainability, community, and leadership mirrors the core missions of the US Sailing Team,” says Alan Ostfield, CEO of US Sailing. “It’s important to us that the Team, and all of our members, continue down the path of sustainability, and we are pleased to partner with YETI on these important issues.”

Eliminating single-use plastics water bottles while keeping sailors hydrated on the water is a unique challenge. Long days on the water mean striking a balance between bringing enough fuel while also storing it safely. “Proper hydration is a key component to high performance on the water. Effective absorption of fluid keeps the body in a homeostatic state,” says Dr. Chris Ellis, US Sailing Team Medical Director. “YETI’s products provide optimal temperature and durability for sailors to refuel during training and competition.”

YETI products are tested against the elements to withstand even the harshest conditions that US Sailing Team athletes and coaches will experience.

“As sailors we deal with the sea, salt, and sun on a daily basis. Over time these elements are especially tough on equipment, but YETI products are more than up to the task. The combination of product innovation and a passion for the outdoors make YETI a perfect fit for our team,” notes Olympian and US Sailing Team ILCA 7 athlete, Charlie Buckingham.

YET’s partnership with the US Sailing Team supports our sailors and our team to become more responsible stewards of the water on which we sail. Together, we will continue to reduce the use of single-use plastics that end up in our oceans while supporting high levels of performance from our athletes.

“We are extremely proud to partner with US Sailing as they work to grow the sport and prepare athletes to compete at the highest level,” said Paulie Dery, VP of Marketing for YETI. “We’re excited to watch this dedicated team compete in the coming months and support their mission to reduce single-use plastic.”



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