Debriefing with Video: Sharing the Video

When used properly, video is a great tool for the coach and the sailors. It is important that the video purposes are very clear and the video presented properly. Video can very easily be presented in a way that just focuses on corrections and negative feedback. A coach must be well planned for video and make sure to present positive feedback and success as well as corrections. The positive feedback is vital to give confidence and reassurance of what the sailor is doing well.


Technology keeps advancing on ways to share information and data, however the easiest way to upload and view is usually the best way to go. Remember that time will need to be budgeted on both the editor’s side and on the viewers’ side. The coach wants the sailors focused on the video and not on the process of getting to the video. Currently, the simplest way seems to be using a YouTube channel or a website. Both of these methods lets the coach control access, as well as presents a quality viewing program. Drop Box is another file sharing program that can also be used. More advanced options will be needed for space and it might cost money. Using a website or file sharing site allows you to share video with the sailors to look on their own time. The downside is that the coach will not be there to narrate. This deficiency may be solved with editing in comments or voice over narration.

As a coach, it is your job to help manage your sailors’ development. The first step in managing their development is to make sure you understand the sailors and their backgrounds. No matter the level of the sailor, it is important to know where they come from and the skills they have and are lacking. As you meet with sailors for the first time, do some research and evaluations to know exactly the abilities of the sailors. Having that background will allow you to be able to develop a plan for the sailors’ improvement.

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