Debriefing with Video: Filming

When used properly, video is a great tool for the coach and the sailors. It is important that the video purposes are very clear and the video presented properly. Video can very easily be presented in a way that just focuses on corrections and negative feedback. A coach must be well planned for video and make sure to present positive feedback and success as well as corrections. The positive feedback is vital to give confidence and reassurance of what the sailor is doing well.


From the Coach Boat: Filming on the water is a balancing act between giving feedback and getting it on film, as well as driving the coach boat and getting quality video. The most important factor is driving the coach boat; the coach must be aware of what’s going on around him/her and be able to put the coach boat in a good spot to capture the video needed. It is critical that the coach uses only wide focus; don’t try to zoom in. Zoom only makes the video look shaky and unstable. When holding a camera and driving the coach boat, keep the throttle speed steady and consistent, and have one hand for the camera and one for the wheel. It is best to have the camera at the coach’s shoulder, so as the coach turns, the video view turns. Using this technique allows the coach to not look through the camera and allows the coach to keep an eye on everything around him/her. Below are some suggestions of basic video subjects and where to be positioned.

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