Debriefing with Video: Editing & Presenting

When used properly, video is a great tool for the coach and the sailors. It is important that the video purposes are very clear and the video presented properly. Video can very easily be presented in a way that just focuses on corrections and negative feedback. A coach must be well planned for video and make sure to present positive feedback and success as well as corrections. The positive feedback is vital to give confidence and reassurance of what the sailor is doing well.


In any presentation, it is critical to set up the room and the environment. All the tips the coach learns in Level 1 apply here too. Minimize distractions and make sure everyone can see the screen. Once the classroom is set and you are ready to present, make sure that the sailors know what they are looking for before the clips are presented, especially if it is a specific skill in a video with lots of action. Slow motion is a good tool, but mix in real-time speed as well as slow motion specifically when looking at boat handling. Be ready with the pause button and be certain when the video can be stopped. If there is time, edit the clips so that the sailors can see real-time footage, followed by slow motion, followed by real-time again.

Editing video takes time, and you must find a balance of the effective use of their time, particularly with new equipment or software. The development of any skill takes practice, and editing and presenting video is no different. When filming, try to self-edit on the fly simply using the record button to minimize the amount of video watched and edited. The video can lose its effectiveness if it takes a long time between taking the video and presenting it to the sailors. A way to help minimize this time is to build a video library using an external portable hard drive. By using good labels or tags for each file it makes it easy to search for the person or the skill you want to show. The video might not be of the actual player, but it is an easy way to store good examples of the skills the coach is working on. Another way of doing this is by using an online video share site like a YouTube channel.