USCG Empanelled Standards/Rubrics Experts Team Launches National Validation Survey

Portsmouth, RI (August 5, 2014) — A team of experts assembled with U.S. Coast Guard  (USCG) grant funding seeks national content validation of SAIL boat operation standards/rubrics that will be freely available to the boating public. This is your opportunity to impact the development of free recreational paddling and rowing (canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddleboards, etc.) standards/rubrics that can be voluntarily used by educators when developing boating courses. You may participate by completing this on-line survey.

WHAT: The National On-Water Standards Team, funded by USCG grants, is seeking input from recreational sailboat educators across the nation on a set of rubrics used to describe sailing skills at the entry level. Following the survey, the rubrics will be updated to reflect input from sailors nationwide and eventually be validated and updated though a national field-testing program.


WHEN: The survey will be conducted August 5 – September 4, 2014.

WHO: Recreational sail boating enthusiasts and especially those with experience in On-Water teaching or training are urged to participate in an on-line survey designed to collect feedback on the content of these voluntary entry-level, skill-based standards/rubrics for recreational sailing.

WHY: By completing this survey you will have a voice in the design of a national set of SAIL boating standards for sailors to be made freely available for voluntary application in beginner boating courses. This effort is part of the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) vision of a National System of Standards for Recreational Boat Operation – that will organize both classroom and on-water standards within a comprehensive system of recreational boating education. The system will address standards for three domains of recreational boating: SAIL, POWER and HUMAN propulsion.

US Sailing has been awarded grant funding from the U.S. Coast Guard to facilitate a consensus-based process by which a team of diverse SMEs from across the recreational boating community develop entry level, skill-based performance standards for recreational boat operation. An objective grant facilitator is designing and managing the collaborative development of SAIL, POWER and HUMAN propelled standards that will be made freely available and recognized (not mandated) by the US Coast Guard for voluntary incorporation in beginner level recreational boating training programs.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact K. Brian Dorval, On-Water Standards Facilitator at 716-994-2842 or