US Sailing Spring Virtual Auction of Experiences Ends Monday, June 28: Make a Bid Today!

Fundraiser Features Athletes and Coaches of the US Sailing Team 

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BRISTOL, R.I. (June 21, 2021) – For the first-time ever, US Sailing is conducting a Spring Virtual Auction of Experiences fundraiser to support the athletes of the US Sailing Team!  

US Sailing is hosting this fundraiser online beginning Monday, June 21 and closing Monday, June 28, 2021. 

Please help us raise the critical funds needed to support the hard-working and dedicated athletes of the US Sailing Team. Resources raised from the Auction will fund important resources that support the athletes’ training, travel, and equipment needs.

Have you ever wanted to spend a day on the water with a US Sailing Team sailor? Learn a thing or two from an expert coach? Or venture outside the sport of sailing and enjoy an experience with an athlete while skiing, surfing, or golfing? Now is your chance!

US Sailing is hosting this live auction of unique experiences, featuring  events with various athletes, coaches, and leaders of US Sailing and the US Sailing Team. All funds will go directly to the participating athletes.

Menu of US Sailing Team Spring Virtual Live Auction Experiences: 

  • Splicing Tutorial with Maggie Shea 
  • Keelboat Zoom with Dave Hughes & Stu McNay  
  • A Day of Golfing with Stephanie Roble
  • Go Sailing on a Nacra with Riley Gibbs
  • Olympic Discussion & Q&A with Pedro Pascual 
  • A Surfing Session with Ian Barrows 
  • Hit the Slopes with Hans Henken 
  • Ride Along with Paul Cayard in San Francisco  
  • Dinner with the US Sailing Team at Camp in Miami 
  • Workout Session with Nikki Barnes 
  • Workout with the Team at Bommarito Performance Systems 
  • Nutrition Session with Lara Dallman-Weiss  
  • Skiing in Utah with Sally Barkow 
  • Coaching by US Sailing Team Head Coach Luther Carpenter 
  • Coaching Session with Paige Railey 
  • Sailing in Long Island with Luke Muller 
  • Ride Along with Leandro Spina in Long Beach
  • Testing Equipment with Riley Schutt
  • Collector’s Item: Signed Olympic Flag 

You can access our Spring Virtual Auction of Experiences
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