US Sailing and the Sperry Local Ambassador Program – Kim Hapgood


Meet Kim Hapgood of Sail Newport

US Sailing and Sperry have partnered to recognize local sailors for contributions made to their respective sailing communities. Sperry Local Ambassadors have a passion for sailing and they share that passion with others to get out on the water and support the growth of our sport.

Kim Hapgood is one of the most accomplished Program Directors in the country at one of the most renowned community sailing centers in the world at Sail Newport.

Kim was nominated to be a Sperry Local Ambassador for her leadership in local sailing and support from Sail Newport for the 2019 ICSA College Sailing National Championships on May 21-31 in Newport, RI.

Learn more about Kim and what she enjoys most about this sailing community.

A Q&A with Kim Hapgood

What is special about your local sailing community and the water that surrounds it?

“The diversity in sailing opportunities, like big boats, little boats, one-design, one-off, wooden, plastic, fiberglass, and composite, and diversity in sailors of all ages, such as local recreational sailors, cruisers, World Champions, America’s Cup, ocean racers, and more. We have lakes, inshore bays, coastal, and ocean waters, all serving up a range of conditions.”

Who/what inspired your love of sailing?

“My dad, who sailed purely for the love and challenge of the sport and taught me to do the same!”

If there is one thing the sailing community could do to become more sustainable, what would that be?

“Really care and pay attention, which is something that takes time, but the end result is worth it. Actively encourage your fellow sailors to be responsible. Pick up the little pieces of tape and string, not just the big stuff and recycle and reuse wherever possible.”