US Sailing and the Sperry Local Ambassador Program – Rob Migliaccio

Meet Rob Migliaccio from Newport, R.I.

US Sailing and Sperry have partnered to recognize local sailors for contributions made to their respective sailing communities. Sperry Local Ambassadors have a passion for sailing and they share that passion with others to get out on the water and support the growth of our sport.

Rob Migliaccio is a well known sailing photographer. Photography has been a hobby, profession, and passion for Rob over the past 50 years. His work has been published in major sailing outlets, including Sailing World magazine. For years, Rob has been taking great action photos at college sailing regattas and providing them for use by the teams, schools and the ICSA free of charge. He is also the photographer at the 2019 Sperry ICSA College Sailing National Championships on May 21-31 in Newport, RI.

Rob was nominated to be a Sperry Local Ambassador by Dartmouth Head Coach, Justin Assad. “We nominate Rob for his selfless time on the water and promoting our sport. Rob’s pro bono photography is probably the most utilized by college sports information departments around the country.”

A Q&A with Rob Migliaccio

What is special about Narragansett and the water that surrounds it?

“Narragansett Bay is the perfect resource for our sport. It is well protected and provides bountiful cruising opportunities to many wonderful harbors. Combined with our small state, it makes for a tight knit sailing community. No matter where you race or cruise, you are bound to run into people you know. Many local yacht clubs (mine included), as well as public sailing centers such as Sail Newport, the Community Boating Center in Providence and Herreshoff Marine Museum, offer learn-to-sail and/or racing opportunities. On any given Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night, you can find “beer can” events all over the bay, as well as racing opportunities for junior sailors. And then there is Newport – a busy sailing hub with people and boats from all over the world. It is an inspiring place to be for junior sailors and always interesting and exciting for adults on any given weekend.”

What/who inspired your love for the water?

“My dad, Tony “Mig”, sailed extensively in his youth, in college and long afterwards. We cruised as a family for as long as I can remember, and it was he who got me interested in racing. I followed suit with my family when our kids were young, and my wife and I still cruise to this day. As a side note, he was also responsible for stoking my interest in photography – I started working with him in the darkroom at age 7.”

If there is one thing the sailing community could do to become more sustainable, what would that be?

“Do what organizations like Sail Newport, the Community Boating Center in Providence and Herreshoff Marine Museum do – bring sailing to the public-at-large. It doesn’t have to be about racing; rather learning to sail and acquiring seamanship as a life sport. Also, major sailing events, like what Sail Newport has brought to Rhode Island to generate public interest in sailing, which makes it more sustainable, especially in a small state. Just look at the crowds that have shown up for events like the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover. What these organizations do for our sport is extraordinary.”