US Sailing’s One Design Central Launches New Fleet Finder 

US Sailing’s One Design Central Launches New Fleet Finder
Find a Local Fleet Today! 

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As an important part of the ongoing development and content creation process for One Design Central, US Sailing has organized and published an interactive map comprised of one design fleet locations around the United States. With so many fleets representing various sailboats and sailing disciplines around the country, it is important for sailors be able to easily find a fleet to sail with.  

We are continually adding classes and their fleets to the Fleet Finder, so if you don’t see your class or fleet listed, please check with your class administrator to get your class listed. See below for more instructions. 

US Sailing One Design Central features are open and available for access by the sailing community. All sailors will find value in the Fleet Finder feature, including beginners who are seeking more information and support as well as advanced sailors always on the move or looking to try a new class of boat 

Sailors seeking somewhere to race or just go sailing locally will find the One Design Central Fleet Finder an important online resource and reference tool. 

Moving to a new area? Traveling a lot? Find a fleet close to you on the Fleet Finder and keep sailing wherever you are. 

Fleets including the following disciplines are located on the Fleet Finder map: 

  • Dinghy 
  • Keelboat 
  • Multihull 
  • Foiling 
  • Land and Ice Boats 
  • Radio Controlled  

Missing fleets on the Fleet Finder?  

If your class is missing from the list in the Class Finder located on One Design Central, let your class administrator knowIn order for fleets to be populated into the Fleet Finder, a class must first be added to the Class Finder. 

All fleet administrators are encouraged to submit their class information to US Sailing using the Class Profile Form. Once a class profile is posted, the class administrator will receive an email with instructions and a template to submit their fleet information to US Sailing. All fleet information listed is provided by classes to US Sailing. If you have questions on this new feature, please email us at   

Find a local fleet in your area by visiting US Sailing’s One Design Central online and scroll to the Fleet Finder!