Kilroy Realty Backs US Sailing Team Athletes Going for Gold, Announces Sponsorship Extension


Los Angeles — Building upon the success of the last four years of partnership and the values shared by both organizations to build a better world, Los Angeles-headquartered Kilroy Realty (Kilroy) and the United States Sailing Team are announcing an extended primary sponsorship. The commitment will advance a shared vision to amplify positive community impact while supporting the US Sailing Team in its pursuit of excellence on the international stage.


The comparison of real estate and competitive sailing is no coincidence for Kilroy Realty. Led by Chairman and CEO John Kilroy, a world-class sailor and multiple world champion, the company’s philosophy is intrinsically tied to teamwork and innovation. This philosophy was foundational to Kilroy establishing itself as North America’s preeminent developer, owner, and operator of sustainable real estate.

For Kilroy—both the man and the company—competitive sailing is a reminder and a challenge of how to do better in all ways. “Sailing has been part of Kilroy’s culture from the very beginning, and it’s served us well,” said John Kilroy. “Like our athletes, we operate in highly dynamic environments, and to this day, nature instructs, inspires and infuses the core values we hold dear. By supporting the exceptional athletes on the US Sailing Team, who routinely remind us of what it takes to win, we honor this vibrant community known for producing future business leaders.”

Character-shaping principals carry over from the water to the workplace at Kilroy. Teams learn the business of performance evaluation and risk management, but also dedicate themselves to corporate social responsibility and wellness.

“It’s ultimately your crew that wins the race,” said John Kilroy. “In business, and in sailing, it is the greatest pleasure to work alongside people who want to contribute—who bring ideas to the table and have the desire to improve and to win. Exceptional performance at Kilroy is a result of our team’s passion and competitive spirit; it’s our job to continue to foster that mindset for the future of our industry.”


Kilroy’s primary sponsorship supports the athletes by funding technological advancements, innovative fitness training, coaching, research and development, as well as vital campaign costs such as specialized support personnel and high-performance equipment upgrades.

“If you want to win at the highest level, you can’t cut any corners and you need to build broad community support,” said Paul Cayard, Executive Director of U.S. Olympic Sailing. “John Kilroy understands both requirements, and his record on and off the water shows this clearly. John and his team at Kilroy Realty are not only providing substantial services directly to our athletes but are providing a new model for how individuals and brands can help US Sailing rebuild our domestic training platform. Kilroy’s performance philosophy will be key to the resurgence of our national team.”

Looking ahead at a continued partnership, Kilroy is working to develop community-oriented campaigns that support US Sailing’s vision of building a better world through sport. With the Olympic Games headed straight for Kilroy’s Los Angeles backyard in 2028, the developer aims to create regional opportunities for public-engagement and education in collaboration with US Sailing and its professional athletes. More information on these community-based programs will be released following this summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

Luke Muller, Finn class. Image © Allison Chenard / US Sailing Team