ALERT: Storm Resources from US Sailing

The hurricane season has been devastating to many communities in the United States and Caribbean. Like all marine-related organizations, we are watching closely and on high alert as life threatening conditions persist. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by these recent catastrophic hurricanes and flood conditions.

While each individual organization’s capabilities are limited, we are all bound to make a contribution and aid our fellow sailors and everyone living in these coastal communities. We ask you to consider making a donation to one of the following charities in support of storm relief and rebuilding.

Donate and Volunteer:

The affected communities not only need financial support, but they need volunteers as well.

Sailing Industry Support for Your Organization:

US Sailing is in the process of reaching out to our marine industry partners to collect and share with you their special deals and discounts to help sailors and sailing organizations get back on their feet and begin the recovery and rebuilding process. Please check back periodically for updated resources.

  • Zim Sailing is offering considerable pricing concessions to help replace boats damaged by any of the storms, including Optis, Club 420s, Prams, RS and Hartley boats. Please contact Bob Adam by email at or call (401) 237-6117 Ext. 105.
  • Ronstan is willing to consider making donations of hardware and cordage to affected sailing organizations. Please contact Ronstan by email at to share your situation and describe how you need help.
  • Marlow Ropes is willing to work with affected sailing organizations to help them get back up to speed on their rope and line needs. Please email Marlow Ropes at
  • Jamestown Distributors will consider making donations of TotalBoat paints, epoxies and adhesives (and more) to affected boating organizations. Please contact us by email at and describe your situation and how you think we can help. and
  • Mantus Marine will consider making donations of hardware/products to clubs and affected boating organizations. Please contact us by email at and describe your situation and how you think we can help.

National Organizations Offering Assistance:

Storm Center and Preparedness:

Our partners at Gowrie Group offer an interactive Severe Storm Center containing a comprehensive library of digital resources to help you and your sailing organizations plan, prepare, and recover from severe storms. In Gowrie Group’s Hurricane Storm Center you will find helpful information:

*These resources will be updated daily as we learn more about assistance and recovery efforts.