Youth Championships

The Application Process

General information on the application:

  • Application period dated will be specified in the NoR 
  • For doublehanded boats, one application per boat is required
  • For doublehanded boats, mixed gender teams are accepted
  • If you gather all of the information ahead of time, the application will only take you 10 minutes to fill out!


Before starting the application:

  • Make sure your US Sailing membership is up to date. You will need a valid US Sailing member ID to apply. You can renew your membership here.
  • If you are not a US citizen, but a permanent resident, you will need to obtain a Sailing Residence certificate from World Sailing in order to be eligible to compete in Youth Worlds. You must obtain this certificate before submitting your application. To inquire about receiving a Residence certificate, email
  • Review the information that will be asked for in the application (outlined below) and make sure you have that handy (including teammate information, for doublehanded boats)
  • Type up your training plan/schedule ahead of time so you can just copy and paste it into that section of the application
  • Gather information from the regattas you’ve competed in this past year. For each event be sure to include: name of regatta, location/host, dates, your overall result. (overall result: if you finished 1st in silver fleet, but there were 20 boats in gold fleet, your overall result is 21st)


Application sections:

  • Part 1: Sailor Information
    • Sailor Name
    • Cell phone number
    • Email
    • Address
    • Birthday
    • US Sailing number (if you don’t have it memorized, look it up here:
    • Parent name, email and phone number
    • You will be asked to indicate in this section if you intend to charter a boat
    • You will be asked to indicate in if you intend to apply for housing from the regatta host
    • You will be asked if you are a legal US Citizen, and if not, to provide a World Sailing Residence certificate
  • Part 1.5 (only applicable for doublehanded boats)
    • Teammate’s name
    • Teammate’s cell phone number
    • Teammate’s email
    • Teammate’s Address
    • Teammate’s Birthday
    • Teammate’s US Sailing number (if you don’t have it memorized, look it up here:
    • Teammate’s Parent name, email and phone number


  • Part 2: Sailing Information
      • Training Plan: you will be asked in this section to outline your training plan. This is a free form, text section. We recommend typing this up ahead of starting your app and copying and pasting in as you fill it out.
      • Note from the Selection Committee: along with your regatta results, the selection committee would like to gain a better understanding of how you train outside of competition to continually improve on your skills. Please outline both what you have been doing to this point and what you plan to accomplish between now and Youth Champs. Your outline should include (but not be limited to) the number of days/hours on the water per week, your physical training plan, which coaches or other sailors you work with on a regular basis, your upcoming regatta/clinic/camp schedule, and any cross training that you do. Feel free to elaborate as much as you would like in this section. The more thorough you describe the way in which you train, the more we’ll know about you and how committed you are to the sport.
      • Recent Racing Experience: you will be given a list of regattas from the past year, and asked to check off which regattas you attended. 
        • If you didn’t compete in any of the events listed, don’t freak out! Just compile a list of your regattas along with your results. You will still be considered. The list we’re providing is simply a list of major regattas in your class.
        • Note for doublehanded boats: for each regatta, we’ve asked you to indicate if you sailed together as a team at that event, if the skipper sailed with a different crew, or the crew sailed with a different skipper.


The application period will open on April 4.