U.S. Match Racing Championship

U.S. Match Racing Championship

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October 19 – October 21, 2018

Chicago Yacht Club and Chicago Match Racing Center, Chicago, Illinois

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    Previous Winners

    2017 – Sewanhaka Yacht Club – David Storrs, Hayden Goodrich, Laurie Jury, Sam Bell, Tom Powrie

    2016 – San Diego Yacht Club – Nevin Snow, Nick Kaschak, Alex Curtiss, Peter Busch

    2015 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Doug McLean, Steve Natvig, Jon Singsen, Chris Museler

    2014  – Chicago Match Race – Nathan Hollerbach,Taylor Canfield, Mike Rehe, Maggie Shea

    2013  – Pequot Yacht Club – David Dellenbaugh, Rebecca Dellenbaugh, Janel Zarkowsky, Amanda Callahan

    2012 – Chicago Match Race – Taylor Canfield, Stephanie Roble, Maggie Shea, Janel Zarkowsky

    2011 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Mike Rehe, Chris Museler

    2010 – St Francis Yacht Club – Shawn Bennett, Melissa Purdy Feagin, Tom Purdy, Adam Roberts

    2009 – Chicago Match Race Center – William Hardesty, David Hughes, David Gerber

    2008 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, David Moffet ,Chris Museler

    2007 – King Harbor YC – Brian Angel, Payson Infelise, Mike Delanty

    2006 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Chris Museler, Terry Flynn

    2005 – King Harbor Yacht Club – Brian Angel, Payson Infelise, David Hochart

    2004 – Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club – Karl Ziegler, Dean Brenner, Mike Welch

    2003 – Bayview YC – Nathan Hollerbach, Mathew Shirilla, Michael Hoey

    2002 – Pequot YC- David Dellenbaugh, Doug Clark, Ralf Steitz

    2001 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore

    2000 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore

    1999 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore

    1998 – Davis Island YC – Jeff Linton, Tom Barry, Mike Gable

    1997 – Naval Academy Sailing Squadron – Brad Dellenbaugh, Ned Jones, John Grierson

    1996 – San Diego, CA – Southwestern YC – Tim Wadlow, Roger Floyd, Preston Holdner

    1995 – St. Francis YC, San Francisco, CA – Morgan Larson, Seadon Wijsen, Brandon Paine

    1994 – Larchmont YC – Ben Cesare, John Savage, Phil Lotz

    1993 – San Diego YC – Rick Merriman, Chuck Simmons, Casey Schnoor

    1992 – Southern YC – John Lovell, John Killeen, Preston Christman

    1991 – St. Petersburg YC – Chris Larson, Martin Kullman, Howard Miller

    1990 – Newport Harbor YC – Scott Mason, Jamie Hardenbergh, Bill Menninger

    1989 – Newport Harbor YC – Doug Rastello, Scott Mason, Skip Beck

    1988 – St. Francis YC – Mark Rastello, Chris Perkins, Jim Barton

    1987 – San Diego YC – Mark Reynolds, Andy LaDow, Donald Wyatt

    1986 – Bay-Waveland YC – Marc Eagan, Dennis Stieffel, Randy Santa Cruz

    1985 – Alamitos Bay YC – Mark Golison, Bruce Golison, Ron Rosenberg

    1984 – Pequot YC – Dave Dellenbaugh, W.B. Peale, John Wallace

    1983 – Rush Creek YC – Bruce Golison, Jay Golison, Steve Grillon

    1982 – Yale Corinthian YC – Dave Perry, Peter Worcester, Tom Kinney

    1981 – Seabrook SC – Marvin Beckman, Mike Smith, Chuck Wilk

    1980 – Seattle YC – Jonathan McKee, Carl Buchan, Mike Smith, Chuck Wilk

    1979 – St. Petersburg YC – John W. Jennings, Don Krippendorf, John M. Jennings

    1978 – Galveston Bay CA – Marvin Beckman, Skipper

    1977 – Coronado YC – Ed Trevelyan, Skipper

    1976 – Coronado YC – Ed Trevelyan, Skipper

    1975 – California YC – Kenneth M. Young, Skipper

    1974 – Noroton YC – William S. Cox, John Rousmaniere, Andrew A. Scholtz

    1973 – MIT Nautical Assn. – Stephen Cucchiaro, Skipper

    1972 – Newport Harbor YC – Tim Hogan, Skipper

    1971 – MIT Nautical Assn. – Terry Cronberg, Skipper

    1970 – St. Petersburg YC – John W. Jennings, Skipper

    1969 – Quissett YC – E.M. Burt, Prince Sears Crowell, III, Browne Morgan Littel

    1968 – Newport Harbor YC – Burke Sawyer, Skipper

    1967 – Newport Harbor YC – Scott Alan, Skipper

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    About This Event


    2017 Marked the 50th Anniversary of the historic and highly competitive U.S. Match Racing Championship.

    Match Racing in the U.S. is seeing a resurgence with ten teams competing. Selection is done through U.S. Match Racing Qualifying events, or by invitation from the selection committee based on many factors including ranking. Each member of the crew must be a member of US Sailing and of a sailing organization that is a US Sailing member, except that participants from other countries shall either be members of US Sailing or be members of their ISAF recognized national authority for sailing.

    The event will consist of the following stages: Stage 1 – Preliminary Round Robin Racing Stage 2 – Semi-Final/Final Knock-out Series

    The winning team comprised of 100 percent U.S. citizens will earn the title of U.S. Match Racing National Champion and will qualify to represent the United States in the Open Division at World Sailing’s 2018 Nations Cup Regional Qualifier, an international match racing championship.

    The overall winning team, regardless of team members’ nationality, will earn the Prince of Wales Bowl and automatically qualify for next year’s U.S. Match Racing Championship.

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    2017 U.S. Match Racing Championship