2021 U.S. Match Racing Championship

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October 1, 2021 – October 3, 2021

Long Beach Yacht Club
Long Beach, California

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Previous Winners

  • 2023 – Seawanhaka Yacht Club – Chris Poole, Andres Guerra, Austin Colpaert
  • 2022 – Guardians of the Monohulls – Pearson Potts, Robert Savoie, Bryce Kopp, James Barry, Lucas Adams, Abigail Preston
  • 2021 – Chicago Yacht Club – Peter Holz, Ellis Tonissi, Jonathan Hammond, I.G. Schottlaender, John Colburn, Graham Post
  • 2019 – Guardians of the Monohulls – Pearson Potts, Robert Savoie, Lucas Adams, Tim Siemers
  • 2018 – New York Yacht Club/Yankee Creole Racing – Pearson Potts, Bryce Kopp, Max Lopez, Robert Savoie
  • 2017 – Pequot Yacht Club – David Storrs, Hayden Goodrich, Laurie Jury, Sam Bell, Tom Powrie
  • 2016 – San Diego Yacht Club – Nevin Snow, Nick Kaschak, Alex Curtiss, Peter Busch
  • 2015 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Doug McLean, Steve Natvig, Jon Singsen, Chris Museler
  • 2014  – Chicago Match Race – Nathan Hollerbach,Taylor Canfield, Mike Rehe, Maggie Shea
  • 2013  – Pequot Yacht Club – David Dellenbaugh, Rebecca Dellenbaugh, Janel Zarkowsky, Amanda Callahan
  • 2012 – Chicago Match Race – Taylor Canfield, Stephanie Roble, Maggie Shea, Janel Zarkowsky
  • 2011 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Mike Rehe, Chris Museler
  • 2010 – St Francis Yacht Club – Shawn Bennett, Melissa Purdy Feagin, Tom Purdy, Adam Roberts
  • 2009 – Chicago Match Race Center – William Hardesty, David Hughes, David Gerber
  • 2008 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, David Moffet ,Chris Museler
  • 2007 – King Harbor YC – Brian Angel, Payson Infelise, Mike Delanty
  • 2006 – Pequot Yacht Club – Dave Perry, Chris Museler, Terry Flynn
  • 2005 – King Harbor Yacht Club – Brian Angel, Payson Infelise, David Hochart
  • 2004 – Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club – Karl Ziegler, Dean Brenner, Mike Welch
  • 2003 – Bayview YC – Nathan Hollerbach, Mathew Shirilla, Michael Hoey
  • 2002 – Pequot YC- David Dellenbaugh, Doug Clark, Ralf Steitz
  • 2001 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore
  • 2000 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore
  • 1999 – Watch Hill YC – Mason Woodworth, Dean Brenner, Randy Shore
  • 1998 – Davis Island YC – Jeff Linton, Tom Barry, Mike Gable
  • 1997 – Naval Academy Sailing Squadron – Brad Dellenbaugh, Ned Jones, John Grierson
  • 1996 – San Diego, CA – Southwestern YC – Tim Wadlow, Roger Floyd, Preston Holdner
  • 1995 – St. Francis YC, San Francisco, CA – Morgan Larson, Seadon Wijsen, Brandon Paine
  • 1994 – Larchmont YC – Ben Cesare, John Savage, Phil Lotz
  • 1993 – San Diego YC – Rick Merriman, Chuck Simmons, Casey Schnoor
  • 1992 – Southern YC – John Lovell, John Killeen, Preston Christman
  • 1991 – St. Petersburg YC – Chris Larson, Martin Kullman, Howard Miller
  • 1990 – Newport Harbor YC – Scott Mason, Jamie Hardenbergh, Bill Menninger
  • 1989 – Newport Harbor YC – Doug Rastello, Scott Mason, Skip Beck
  • 1988 – St. Francis YC – Mark Rastello, Chris Perkins, Jim Barton
  • 1987 – San Diego YC – Mark Reynolds, Andy LaDow, Donald Wyatt
  • 1986 – Bay-Waveland YC – Marc Eagan, Dennis Stieffel, Randy Santa Cruz
  • 1985 – Alamitos Bay YC – Mark Golison, Bruce Golison, Ron Rosenberg
  • 1984 – Pequot YC – Dave Dellenbaugh, W.B. Peale, John Wallace
  • 1983 – Rush Creek YC – Bruce Golison, Jay Golison, Steve Grillon
  • 1982 – Yale Corinthian YC – Dave Perry, Peter Worcester, Tom Kinney
  • 1981 – Seabrook SC – Marvin Beckman, Mike Smith, Chuck Wilk
  • 1980 – Seattle YC – Jonathan McKee, Carl Buchan, Mike Smith, Chuck Wilk
  • 1979 – St. Petersburg YC – John W. Jennings, Don Krippendorf, John M. Jennings
  • 1978 – Galveston Bay CA – Marvin Beckman, Skipper
  • 1977 – Coronado YC – Ed Trevelyan, Skipper
  • 1976 – Coronado YC – Ed Trevelyan, Skipper
  • 1975 – California YC – Kenneth M. Young, Skipper
  • 1974 – Noroton YC – William S. Cox, John Rousmaniere, Andrew A. Scholtz
  • 1973 – MIT Nautical Assn. – Stephen Cucchiaro, Skipper
  • 1972 – Newport Harbor YC – Tim Hogan, Skipper
  • 1971 – MIT Nautical Assn. – Terry Cronberg, Skipper
  • 1970 – St. Petersburg YC – John W. Jennings, Skipper
  • 1969 – Quissett YC – E.M. Burt, Prince Sears Crowell, III, Browne Morgan Littel
  • 1968 – Newport Harbor YC – Burke Sawyer, Skipper
  • 1967 – Newport Harbor YC – Scott Alan, Skipper


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US Sailing Regulations Amended 25-01-2021

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Hosting a US Sailing Championship

About This Event

photo credit: Bronny Daniels

October 1-3, 2021

Long Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach, CA

Catalina 37s





Championship Waivers, Releases and Code of ConductAll athletes must fill out a form prior to event date.

US Sailing Membership- Join/Renew here  – All competitors must have a current USSA membership valid through end of racing to be leigible to complete. International athletes may show proof of current membership with MNA as an alternative.


2017 Marked the 50th Anniversary of the historic and highly competitive U.S. Match Racing Championship.


Championship Facts
  • Selection is done through U.S. Match Racing Qualifying events, or by invitation from the selection committee based on many factors including ranking.
  • Up to ten (10) skippers will be invited.
  • The event will be sailed in Catalina 37 type boats.
  • All competitors shall be members of US SAILING at the time of registration and during the event. International competitors must be members of US Sailing or their MNA.
  • There is no citizenship or club/association membership requirement for this event.
  • Skippers will be seeded into a round robin based on seeding/draw/results in previous competition/World Sailing ranking list 30 days prior to the event.
  • The event format will consist of Round Robin(s), Knock-out Series and Finals racing. The format will be specified in the Sailing Instructions.
  • The event has applied for World Sailing (WS) Grade 3. This grading is subject to review by
    World Sailing. The event may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.
  • The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be a maximum of seven (7). All registered crew shall sail all races.
  • The total weight of the crew, including the skipper, dressed in at least shorts and shirts, shall not exceed 525 kg /1157.625 lbs, determined at the time of registration or such time as required by the RC.
  • The winning team, if comprised of 100 percent U.S. citizens or U.S. residents, will earn the title of U.S. Match Racing National Champion and win the Prince of Wales Bowl. When the winning team is not comprised of 100 percent U.S. citizens or U.S. residents, that team will be named the winners of the Prince of Wales Bowl. The title of U.S. Match Racing National Champion will be awarded to the highest placed finishing team of all U.S. citizens or U.S. Residents.
  • The overall winning team, regardless of team members’ nationality, will earn the Prince of Wales Bowl and automatically qualify for next year’s U.S. Match Racing Championship.

Qualifying Series

  • All competitors shall be current members of US Sailing at the time of the qualifying series
  • Competitors from other countries shall either be current members of US Sailing or be members of their National Authority.
  • Skippers may indicate preferences and request invitations to up to three (3) of the Qualifying events.
  • Qualifying Series 2021 – Request an Invitation.
  • More Information on Match Racing and The Dial Up


Championship History

Prince of Wales Bowl

History and Archival documents to include; Family Interview – 1932 recipient of the Prince of Wales Junior International Sailing Series