U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship

U.S. Junior Women's Singlehanded Championship for the Nancy Leiter Clagett Memorial Trophy

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July 17 – July 22, 2018

Stamford Yacht Club, Stamford, Connecticut

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Previous Winners

2017 – Abbie Carlson – Beaux Arts, WA

2016 – Talia Toland – Kirkland, WA

2015 – Louisa Nordstrom – Osprey, FL

2014 – Sophia Reineke – Fort Lauderdale, FL

2013 – Dana Rohde – Richmond Hill, GA

2012 – Hanne Weaver – Gig Harbor, WA

2011 – Kelly McGlynn – Flourtown, PA

2010 – Arielle deLisser – Miami, FL

2009 – Molly McKinney – Sarasota, FL

2008 – Arielle deLisser – Miami, FL

2007 – Carolyn Prioleau – Houston, TX

2006 – Sarah Lihan – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2005 – Stephanie Roble – East Troy, WI

2004 – Paige Railey – Clearwater, FL

2003 – Charlotte Hill – Miami, FL

2002 – Paige Railey – Clearwater, FL

2001 – Paige Railey – Clearwater, FL

2000 – Amanda Clark – Shelter Island, NY

1999 – Corrie Clement – Metairie, LA

1998 – Amanda Clark – Shelter Island, NY

1997 – Lynsi Hood – Sylvania, OH

1996 – Annemarie Casesa – St. Petersburg, FL

1995 – Casey Hogan – Newport Harbor, CA

1994 – Christin Feldman – Grosse Pte. Park, MI

1993 – Danielle Brennan – New York, NY

1992 – Rebecca Harris – Vacaville, CA

1991 – Rebecca Harris – Vacaville, CA

1990 – Jennifer Lovell – New Orleans, LA

1989 – Giselle Camet – San Diego, CA

1988 – Giselle Camet – San Diego, CA

1987 – Giselle Camet – San Diego, CA

1986 – Julia Trotman – Syosset, NY (1st Year USYRU – US SAILING – National Championship)

1985 – Pamela Pennell – Miami, FL

1984 – Jane Faust – Rochester, NY

1983 – New England Singlehanded Jr. Women’s Championship

1982 – New England Singlehanded Jr. Women’s Championship

1981 – Narragansett Bay Singlehanded Jr. Women’s Championship

1980 – Narragansett Bay Singlehanded Jr. Women’s Championship

Sportsmanship Winners

2016 – Maggie Toombs

2015 – Gabrielle Rizika

2014 – D’Amy Stewart

2013 – Ellie Shaw Ungar

2012 – Dana Rohde

2011 – Kaylee Schwitzer

2010 – Sky Adams

2009 – Brooke Lyon

2008 – Jessica Claflin

2007 – Tiffany Dube

2006 – Allie Blecher

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Charters: Available on the LaserPerformance website or call LP at 203-663-7300

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Sailorships : Travel grants for sailors to travel to US Sailing’s U.S. junior or youth championships


About This Event

The U.S. Junior Women’s Championships Committee annually hosts two events: a Singlehanded and a Doublehanded Championship. Both championships are open events and include two days of high performance racing clinic and three days of championship racing. They provide a world-class training and racing opportunity to enhance the experience, sailing skills, and competitive sportsmanship of the competitors.

Championship Facts

  • Type of Event: Open
  • Fleets: Laser Radial
  • Competitors must have reached their 13th birthday but not their 19th in calendar year, and be eligible to compete per the Notice of Race.
  • The US Sailing Youth National Coach and staff are hired for the entire event to provide equal guidance to all competitors. No private coaching is allowed. 2018 coaches include: Alana O’Reilly Marks, Amanda Clark, Hannah Tuson-Turner, Beka Schiff, plus additional coaches.
  • This regatta is made possible by the generous support of the C. Thomas Clagett Trust

Championship History

The Singlehanded Championship, sailed in Laser Radials, was started by Tom Clagett in 1980 at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport, RI and sailed for a trophy named in memory of Tom’s wife, Nancy, who died in April, 1977. In 1985, USYRU (now US Sailing) agreed to support the event on a trial basis. In 1986, it became the U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship for the Nancy Leiter Clagett Memorial Trophy. The U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship for the Ida Lewis Trophy championship was started in 1995 when it became apparent that a second championship in a doublehanded boat was needed to complement the singlehanded event. It became a US Sailing national championship in 1996.

A separate sportsmanship prize was later added to both championships in 2001, following Tom’s death in June of that year and a family logo was created for the championships incorporating Tom’s and Nancy’s private yacht signals. Nancy’s signal was a green ladder on a yellow rectangle since “Leiter” is German for ladder. Tom and Nancy’s first boat was named “The Barefoot Girl” after Nancy’s preference not to wear shoes. Tom’s private signal became two white bare feet on a blue triangle. The Singlehanded class flag is Nancy’s signal flag, and the Doublehanded class flag is a representation of the Ida Lewis lighthouse.



The girls are out on the water doing some quick tacks and gibes around coaches boats and then heading out to the south of the Stamford light house just past the Stamford break water. #leiter18

Girls are still coming in for Leiter trophy! Rain has delayed flights but everyone will arrive by tonight! #leiter18

Thunder, lightning, and rain has rolled through delaying some flights from coming in but otherwise things are running smoothly! #leiter18

Girls are arriving and getting settled before the stormy weather comes through! So excited to have the girls here! #leiter18

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