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Regatta Grants

US Sailing is proud to offer a regatta grant program to help offset the cost of competing at US Sailing National Championships.

The Glenn Lattimore Grant Program is specifically for women and girls racing in US Sailing Championships.

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Glenn Lattimore Grant Program

About Glenn Lattimore

Sailing was fortunate to have had Glenn as a proponent. Her competitive spirit and talents led her to pursue a number of other sports including fencing and flying, but racing sailboats became her passion. Growing up in North Texas on Eagle Mountain Lake Glenn honed her skills at the Fort Worth Boat Club.

In 1956, Glenn and her four woman team won the Adams Cup, emblematic of the United States Women’s Sailing Championship. This was the first time a winner came from “west of the Alleghanies”. Most of her racing, however was against men’s teams and she was a formidable adversary. Glenn utilized all her skills to excel, exhorting her crew with quotations in Latin or putting a best friend and crew in a bikini to distract the competition. She was fun!

Through Glenn’s efforts and influence hundreds of young sailors were able to experience high quality racing, with many reaching the top levels of the sport. She left a legacy of mastering a sport in the right way: using humor, humility, and hard work to achieve success and then giving back to enhance that opportunity for others.

More about Regatta Grants:

Grants will be awarded in amounts varying from $100 – $1000 per person per year, based on need. Awards may be requested prior to or after an event, but only one award per year may be granted. Complete applications must be received by June 1 or October 1 for the calendar year. Multiple awards will not be given. If you are seeking help with registration or charter fees, your sailing organization may also be able to assist you.

All parties (sailor and organization) must be current members of US Sailing to be eligible. Sailors and parents will complete the application and provide evidence of need. Additionally, the sailor will be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from an officer of his or her Sailing organization. Letters must be on letterhead. E-mails will not be accepted.

Letters should be addressed to: US Sailing, attn: Regatta Grants Committee, 1 Roger Williams University Way, Bristol, RI 02809, Incomplete applications will not be considered.

After your application has been reviewed, you may also be asked to submit a copy of your family’s 1040 tax form (front and back). The Regatta Grants Committee meets in June and October to review applications and make awards. The sailing organization will be notified if a grant has been awarded within a week of the meeting.

A check made out to the sailor will be sent directly c/o of their sailing organization approximately one month later.

Interested in contributing to the Regatta Grants program? Donations in any amount are appreciated.  E-mail: