U.S. Adult Sailing Championship

U.S. Adult Sailing Championship

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September 25 – September 29, 2018

Wayzata Yacht Club, Wayzata, Minnesota

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    Previous Winners

    2016 Northern California YRA/ St. Francis Yacht Club: Russ Silvestri, John Collins, Mario Yovkov, Maggie Bacon
    2015 Manhattan Yacht Club: Eric Leitner, Doug Witter, Adam Sandberg, Tom Sinatra, Michael Ambrose
    2014 Southern Yacht Club:Benz Faget,Randall Richmond, Thomas Sweeney
    Ventura Yacht Club: David Klatt, Lane Desborough,Garrett Baum, David Paudler

    U.S. Men’s Sailing Championship for the Clifford D Mallory Trophy

    2011 Babylon Yacht Club David M. Hyer, David A. Hyer, Gregory Schneller
    2010 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club Paul Wilson,John Plominski, William Stevens
    2009 Bay Waveland YC Andrew Eagan, Marcus Eagan, Katherine Santa Cruz
    2008 Austin YC- Scott Young, John Morran, Doug Kern, Mike Haggerty
    2007 San Diego, YC – Brian Camet, Alex Camet, Daniel Camet
    2006 Austin YC – Scott Young, John Morran, Douglas Kern
    2005 Bay Waveland YC – Zak Fanberg, Sara Fanberg, Marcus Eagan
    2004 Bay Waveland YC – Zak Fanberg, Dave Blouin, Kippy Chamberlain
    2003 Bay Waveland YC – Zak Fanberg, Eugene Shmitt & Kippy Chamberlain
    2002 Boston YC -Charles Quigley, David Bryan, Leo Fallon, Bill Hooper
    2001 Not Sailed – [Patriots Cup: Brock Schmidt, David Bolyard, Tom Baker]
    2000 Gulfport YC – Robert Schmidt, David Bolyard, Hew Hamilton
    1999 Gulf YA – Benz Faget, Michael Mark, David Zahn, David Bolyard
    1998 Seattle, WA – Dalton Bergan, Kevin Guitron, Mike Visser
    1997 Royal Victorian YC – Michael Turner, Olaf Thyvold, Brian Lister
    1996 Royal Victorian YC – Michael Turner, Jeff Eckard, Olaf Thyvold
    1995 Niantic Bay YC, CT – Bill Healy, Tim Healy, Adam Walsh
    1994 New Orleans YC – Benz Faget, Tom Baker, David Bolyard
    1993 Eastern YC – John Slattery, Brad White, Bob Slattery
    1992 San Francisco YC – Jeff Madrigali, Gary Grande, Jeff Wayne
    1991 Lake Hopatcong YC – Alex Smigelski, Brent Barbehenn, Lloyd Kitchin
    1990 YRU of Southern California – Scott Deardorff, Matt Wilson, Kirk Arndt
    1989 Texas YA – Paul Foerster, Mark Rylander, John Bartlett
    1988 Gulf YA – Dennis Stieffel, Bubby Eagan, Peter Merrifield
    1987 Texas YA – Scott Young, Mike Haggerty, Doug Kern, John Moran
    1986 Pacific International YA – Jack Christiansen, Charlie McKee, Cheryl Lanzinger
    1985 Texas YA – Scott Young, Jody Smith, Doug Kern 1984 Gulf YA – Marc Eagan, Corky Hadden, Beau Le Blanc
    1983 YRA of Long Island Sound – Peter Coleman, Paul Coleman, Barry Purcell
    1982 Southern California YA – Mark Golison, Bruce Golison, Jay Golison
    1981 Texas YA – Mark Foster, Chuck Wilk, Scott Young
    1980 Southern California YA – Dave Ullman, Bill Herrschaft, Paul Murphy
    1979 Texas YA – Glenn Darden, Kelly Gough, Scott Young
    1978 Texas YA – Glenn Darden, Kelly Gough, Jay Raymond
    1977 Texas YA – Marvin Bleckman, Curt Oetking, Tommy Simms
    1976 Southern California YA – David Crockett, Sid Exley, Kurt Nicolai
    1975 YRA of Long Island Sound – Christopher W. Pollak, Lisa Hamm, William Ehrhorn
    1974 YRA of San Francisco Bay – Vann Wilson, Nate Russel, Frank Thompson
    1973 Florida SA – Dr. John W. Jennings, James L. Pardee, Barbara Pardee
    1972 Florida SA – Edwin H. Sherman, Jr., Harvey A. Ford, Hubert Rutland, III
    1971 Texas YA – John Kolius, Bill Hunt, Scott Self
    1970 Florida SA – Dr. John W. Jennings, James L. Pardee, Barbara Pardee
    1969 YRA of Long Island Sound – Graham M. Hall, John Luard, Jack G. McAllister
    1968 Southern Massachusetts YRA – James A. Hunt, Bourne Knowles, Joshua Hunt
    1967 Barnegat Bay YRA – Clifford W. Campbell, Howard Wright, Ann Campbell
    1966 YRA of Long Island Sound – William S. Cox, Thomas Hume, Robert Barton
    1965 YRA of Long Island Sound – Cornelius Shields, Jr., Dr. George Brazil, Jr., Craig Walters
    1964 Gulf YA – G. Shelby Freidrichs, Jr., Tommy Dreyfuss, Ray Troendle, Sr.
    1963 YRA of San Francisco Bay – James DeWitt, Jocelyn Nash, Jacob VanHeeckeren
    1962 Inland Lake YA – James S. Payton, Peter Barrett, Chuck Miller
    1961 Inland Lake YA – Harry C. Melges, Jr., Dr. A.R. Wenzel, John B. Shethar, Jr.
    1960 Inland Lake YA – Harry C. Melges, Jr., Gloria Melges, John B. Shethar, Jr., Edward Smith
    1959 Inland Lake YA – Harry C. Melges, Jr., John B. Shethar, Jr., Edward Smith
    1958 Texas YA – Robert Mosbacher, George C. Francisco, III, C.B. Masterson
    1957 YRU of Massachusetts Bay – George D. O’Day, David J. Smith, Charles A. Forsberg
    1956 YRU of Massachusetts Bay – Fred E. Hood, Bradley P. Noyes, Charles Pingree
    1955 Pacific International YA – William Buchan, Jr., William Buchan, Sr., Ron McFarlane
    1954 Gulf YA – Eugene H. Walet, III, Allen McClure, Jr., Gilbert Friedreichs, Jr.
    1953 Gulf YA – Eugene H. Walet, III, John Ryan, Ralph Christman, Eugene H. Walet, II
    1952 YRA of Long Island Sound – Cornelius Shields, Cornelius Shields, Jr., William Leboutillier

    2017 – Edgewater Yacht Club – James Island Yacht Club – Southern Yacht Club
    2015 – Mike Schwin – Fort Worth Boat Club
    2013 – Russel Cooke – Oswego Yacht Club
    2011 – Paul Wilson – Vineyard Haven Yacht Club
    2010 – Ken Kleinschrodt- Buccaneer Yacht Club
    2009 – David Rousseau – Massapoag Yacht Club
    2008 – Les Bechwith – Winnipesaukee Sailing Association
    2007 – Scott Young – Austin Yacht Club
    2006 – Charlie Garrard – Boston Yacht Club
    2005 – Kenny Wolf – Rush Creek Yacht Club
    2004 – Kenny Manzoni – Southern Yacht Club
    2003 – Zak Fanberg – Bay Waveland Yacht Club
    2002 – William Demand, JR. – Toms River Yacht Club
    2001 – R. Lee Stump – Stone Horse Yacht Club
    2000 – Paul Lee – Detroit Yacht Club
    1999 – Tony Noviski – North Cape Yacht Club
    1998 – Ken Signorello – Mallets Bay Boat Club
    1997 – Charles Quigley III – Boston Yacht Club
    1996 – Charles Quigley III – Boston Yacht Club
    1995 – Bill Ewing – Monmouth Boat Club
    1994 – Wendell Johnson – Community Boating of Boston
    1993 – Rod Koch – Davis Island Yacht Club
    1992 – Steve Button – Rush Creek Yacht Club
    1991 – Bill Draheim – Rush Creek Yacht Club
    1990 – F. P. Schoettle – Minnetonka Yacht Club
    1989 – Ron Fish – Eugene Yacht Club
    1988 – Quinn “Bubby” Eagan – Bay Waveland Yacht Club


    About This Event

    Limited Time offer Championship GEAR

      NOR     NOR Amendment I      Medical Forms

    While youth and women had national, ladder-system championships for a quarter century, it was not until 1952 that a similar championship for men eighteen years and older was established during Robert N. Bavier, Jr.’s tenure as Executive Director of NAYRU.

    The family of Clifford D. Mallory, who revived NAYRU in 1925, provided a magnificent sterling silver tureen, purportedly from the estate of Lord Nelson but according to the hallmarks more likely executed after his death for his brother. It was immediately popular, with twenty of the twenty-three district associations, now called Regional Sailing Associations, competing in the inaugural match won by Cornelius Shields of the Larchmont Yacht Club. The next year, the regulations were relaxed to permit female members of the crew but not at the helm.

    Beginning in 1993 the Women’s and Men’s Championships were held together in alternate years. Since 2006, the event has been a mixture of a ladder series starting at the club level and a resume application. In 2009, the championships began being held together each year and the two committees merged. The two fleets used the same race course, sailed different classes of boats and enjoyed social events together.

    The joint events have sometimes been hosted by two cooperating, nearby clubs – otherwise by a single club. In 2013, the regulations were relaxed further to allow women to helm as well, reflecting the fact that most boats are now sailed by a mixed crew and the championship was renamed the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship. The championship was expanded from 11 boats to 20 but in 2015 reverted back to its format as a competition between Regional Sailing Associations or RSAs.

    Each RSA within US Sailing is encouraged to submit a representative of its selection. The host club may also submit a representative. Still sailed on provided boats, it is run in a round robin format, providing three days of challenging racing by sailors from around the country.


    • Each Regional Sailing Association (RSA) will select the team they submit. These determinations can include qualification or resume submission to the RSA representative of US Sailing
    • Teams must be made up of sailors from the RSAs they are representing and members of sailing organizations that are members of that RSA.
    • Team members must be current members of US Sailing
    • Sailing organizations must be current members of US Sailing
    • The event will be sailed in J/22s using the fleet sailing format
    • The minimum number of crew for the event shall be three including the helmsperson.
    • For more information on how your RSA will select a team, contact them here.

    Selection Process

    Resumes will be evaluated on the following criteria.

    • 40% Sailor Criteria – How many major events have they competed in the past three years; the number of races in these events, number of attendants
    • 20% – Qualified through a regatta at the Regional Sailing Association level
    • 20% Class Criteria – size, diversity, depth, and activity of class they consistently sail nationally
    • 10% – sailors under 30 make up 25% of the team
    • 10% – female sailors make up at least 25% of the team
    • Bonus: Additional 10% if a female is a helm.