2022 U.S. Team Racing Championship

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November 4, 2022 – November 6, 2022

Coastal Virginia Youth Sailing Foundation and Norfolk Yacht and Country Club
Norfolk, Virginia

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Previous Winners

  • 2023 – Los Huevos – Justin Callahan, Marbella Marlo, Mitchell Callahan, Sara Schumann, Lachlain McGranahan, Libby Redmond
  • 2022 – Blueberry Faygo – Shawn Harvey, Sonia Lingos Utley, Teddy Nicolosi, Graceann Nicolosi, Sean Segerblom, Caroline Teare
  • 2021 – Holiday Sideshow – Colin Merrick, David Thompson, Rachel Holick, Christopher Klevan, Greiner Hobbs, Miranda Bakos
  • 2019 – Holiday Sideshow – Johnny Norfleet, Christopher Klevan, Greiner Hobbs, Miranda Bakos, Ian Barrows, Clara Robertson
  • 2018 – Team Boss – Greiner Hobbs, Miranda Bakos, Brian Clancy, Catherine Riedman, Johnny Norfleet, Chris Klevan
  • 2017 – Team Jet Lag –  Mateo Vargas, Oliver Toole, Kevin Labe, Samantha Steele, Carolyn Kelly Ortel, Yuri Namikawa
  • 2016 – Team Trouble – Charles Higgins, Arielle Darrow, Johnny Norfleet, Isabel Strachan, Matt Allen, Gabe Smith
  • 2015  – Kirkwood Ticklers- Will Bailey, Sam Madden, Scott Sinks, Allison Ferraris, Raul Rios, Katja Sertl
  • 2014 – Ladies and Gentlemen- Tyler Sinks, Lucy Wallace; Justin Law, Adrienne Patterson Kamilar, Michael Menninger, Ben Lezin
  • 2013 – Ladies and Gentlemen- Justin Law, Michael Menninger, Adrienne Patterson, Lucy Wallace, Marla Menninger, Tyler Sinks
  • 2012 – NYYC Team Extreme- Stuart McNay, Michael Hession, Zachary Brown, Emmet Smith, Thomas Barrows, Marla Menninger
  • 2011 – Minor Threat – Cy Thompson, Kelly Stannard, Charlie Buckingham, Alex Taylor, Tyler Sinks, Lucy Wallace
  • 2010 – NYYC Silver Panda – Amanda Callahan,Colin Merrick,Clay Bischoff, Caroline Hall Levesque , Peter Levesque,  Carrie Amarante
  • 2009 – Team Extreme- Stuart McNay,Michael Hession;Zachary Brown; Emmet Smith ;Thomas Barrows; Marla Menninger
  • 2008 – NYYC Silver Panda- Colin Merrick, Clay Bischoff, Amanda Callahan, Elizabeth Hall, Lisa Keith, Peter Levesque
  • 2007 – NYYC Silver Panda- Colin Merrick, Clay Bischoff, Amanda Callahan, Elizabeth Hall, Lisa Keith, Peter Levesque
  • 2006 – NYYC Silver Panda – Colin Merrick, Clay Bischoff, Amanda Callahan, Elizabeth Hall, Lisa Keith, Peter Levesque
  • 2005 – Team Trouble – Mark Zagol, Matt Allen,  Brad Funk,  Anna Tunnicliffe, Heather Pescatello,  Timothy Cain
  • 2004  – Cape Cod WHishbone – Timothy Fallon, Mark Ivey, Timothy Wadlow, Karen Renzulli, Matt Lindblad, Erin Largay
  • 2003 – Cape Cod WHishbone –  Timothy Fallon, Graeme Woodworth, John Fallon, Karen Renzull, Matt Lindblad, Erin Largay
  • 2002 – NYYC Silver Panda–Peter Levesque/Elizabeth Hall, Patrick Hogan/Carlos Lenz, Colin Merrick/John Cline
  • 2001 – Spinnaker 1–Stuart Hudson/Sally Cuthbert, Steve Tylecote/Debs Kershaw, Dominic Johnson/Amy Smith
  • 2000 – New York Yacht Club–Chris McDowell/Brandon Prior, Karl Zeigler/Chris Museler, Mike Zani/Mike Huang
  • 1999 – New York Yacht Club–Chris McDowell/Brendan Prior, Karl Ziegler/Chris Museler, Bill Hardesty/Abby Woodworth
  • 1998 – Cosmos–Josh Adams/Victoria Wadsworth , Nick Trotman/Brett Davis , Mark Mendleblatt/Suzannah Kerr
  • 1997 – Bristol Bandits–Zach Leonard/Megan Bohlen, Brian Doyle/Richard Feeney, Pete Alarie/Heidi Thomas
  • 1996 – Pablo Picasso–Zach Leonard/Megan Bohlen, Josh Adams/Laura Dunn, Pete Alarie/Julie Kirschbaum
  • 1995 – Wicked Tired Tongue–Mike Zani/Elizabeth Kratzig, Karl Ziegler/Tara Callahan
  • 1994 – Air Hesus–Doug Clark/Heidi Thoma, David Fagen/Greg McConnell, Ryan Cox/Sean Fujimoto
  • 1993 – Best of West–James Malm/Stephanie Keefe, Kevin Hall/Tara Wolcott, Nick Adamson/Danny Zimbaldi
  • 1992 – James Gang–Zach Leonard/Megan Bohlen, Mike Zani/Blaire Largay, Kevin Hall/Jenna Cook
  • 1991 – Area D–David Mendelblatt/Caj Flynn, Mark Mendelblatt/Mitchell Rogers, Bill Schoenberg/John Jennings
  • 1990 – Area A–Zach Leonard/Andy David, Mike Zani/Bradford Gibbs, Kevin Hall/Jenna Cook
  • 1989 – Area A–Brian Keane/Lynn Fitzpatrick, Gordon Burnes/Sarah Burns, Jim Bowers/Jeffrey Binder
  • 1988 – Area A–Brad Dellenbaugh/David Beningson, Kevin Hall/Beau LeBlanc, John Kolius/Pierce Owens
  • 1987 – Area A–Brad Dellenbaugh/Lisi Crowther, Jamie Cummiskey/Kassie Cundey, Steve MacGillivray/Cara Moore
  • 1986 – Area J–Jack Franco/Renee Vesterby, Dave Ullman/Kenny Watts, Chris Raab/Pat Muglia
  • 1985 – Area D–Marc Eagan/Mac Hadden, Dennis Stieffel/Rene Dupaquier, Keith Crum/Corky Hadden
  • 1984 – Area G–Pede Dickey/Chris Steinfeld, Jack Franco/Renee Vesterby, Chris Raab/Lisa Gosselin
  • 1983 – Area A–Ed Adams/Meredith Adams, Scott Ferguson/Bill Shoemaker, Stu Johnstone/Ralph Kinder
  • 1982 – Area B–Peter Isler/Curt Oetking, Steve Benjamin/John Clark, Dave Dellenbaugh/Paul Murphy
  • 1981 – Area E–Terry McLaughlin/Carolyn Brodsky, Jeff Boyd/Peter Jones, Tam Matthews/Jay Cross


Hosting a US Sailing Championship US Sailing Regulations Amended 13-November-2021

About This Event

2022 U.S. Team Racing Championship

November 4-6, 2022

Coastal Virginia Youth Sailing Foundation and Norfolk Yacht & Country Club

Norfolk, VA

 Collegiate FJs


US Sailing Waivers and Releases

Coastal Virginia Youth Sailing Foundation Event Page

Competitor List

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Sailing Instructions Posted 10/25/2022

SI Amendment 1 Posted: 11/1/ 2022   SI Amendment 2 Posted: 11 /3/ 2022

NOR Posted: 3/3/2022         NOR Amendment 1: Posted 8/15/ 2022

Parking Map

  • COVID – 19 and Varients: US Sailing requests that all those in attendance for the event follow Federal, State and Local Covid-19 guidelines.
  • Safe Sport Training Requirements at US Sailing U.S. Championship Events
    • Are you sailing on a boat with a minor? Adults competing on the same boat as a minor are now required to complete the SafeSport Training prior to first day of racing.
  • Competitors are reminded to bring their USCG Approved PFDs to check in and have on at all times on the water.
  • Teams shall provide their own red protest flags (at least 3). Each flag shall measure at least 8 inches by 8 inches.

The U.S. Team Racing Championship is raced in three-boat/six-person teams. This event serves as a qualifier for World Sailing’s Team Racing Worlds when held.

Championship Facts

  • Doublehanded, monohull dinghies, exact make varies by year. V15, FJ, 420E, and z420 have all been used in past years.
  • 2022 Championship will be sailed in FJs provided by the Coastal Virginia Youth Sailing Foundation and Norfolk YCC.
  • Each competing team shall consist of three skippers and three crews.
  • Up to 30 teams but no less than 24 will be selected by the U.S. Team Racing Championship Committee from team resumes and applications. Non‐US teams may be invited to compete.
  • The Championship Committee may give preference for selection to an all women’s team.
  • Sailors who are current members of US Sailing or another Member National Authority (MNA) may apply as a member of a six-person team. US Sailing Regulation 10.02 Non-USA Resident Participation in US Sailing Championships applies.
  • All members of a team sailing with a minor (any person under the age of 18 at time of event) is required to take the 90 minute SafeSport Training prior to check in day. The minor is not required to complete the SafeSport training. Click here to take the training!
  • Minimum Crew Weight: 870 pounds. Teams below 870 combined weight are to carry correct weights in every race, from boat to boat, and shall secure them in the cockpit of each boat. See NOR for details.
  • Winning team will be presented the George R. Hinman Trophy.
  • US Sailing medals will be awarded to the top three placing teams.


Championship History

US Sailing’s first national team racing championship was held in 1981.

Growing out of a regatta initiated by Sailing World magazine it was so successful that it was adopted by US Sailing and became known as the U.S. Team Racing Championship for the George R. Hinman Trophy. The trophy was donated in recognition of George R. Hinman’s many years of service and contributions to yachting. He was a member of the crew that won the second championship for the Sears Cup, a top ranking sailor in the International One-Design Class and for many years in the forefront of Long Island Sound frostbite dinghy racing. He sailed many ocean races and took part in the America’s Cup in various capacities as helmsman, syndicate manager and chairman of the America’s Cup (selection) Committee. A former President of NAYRU (now US Sailing), he also was a Vice President of the International Yacht Racing Union (formally ISAF, now World Sailing). The first umpired event was in 1990 and the event went away from being a ladder qualification regatta. When Gary Bodie became Chairman of the U.S. Team Racing Championship Committee in 1992, he restored the popularity of the event making it the hottest event in the country for the post-collegiate group of sailors which it remains today.