US Sailing Releases 2022 One Design Survey

© Valerie Hendrickson

Bristol, RI (October 12, 2022) – In an effort to further serve the US sailing community, US Sailing has released the second-ever One Design Survey. Members of all one design classes are encouraged to give their feedback to help US Sailing support one design sailing. 

“Our aim is to help the individuals, classes and fleets that make up the fabric of our sport thrive and prosper,” said Chris Snow, head of the One Design Committee. “We’re getting away from anecdotal discussions of what is happening with our sport and trying and measure the amount of participation in more definite terms. 

We want to answer questions like; Is participation really shrinking or not? Who is participating? Is the average age getting older, younger or staying the same? We feel that by asking questions like these we can provide information that class leaders around the country can use to help our sport.” 

First launched in 2020, results of the first one design survey led to the creation of the US Sailing one design committee, with the mission to address three key areas identified by sailors: organizing and coordinating content, fostering communication, and implementing data tracking.  

Since then, the committee has created the One Design Central webpage with resources and more for classes and new sailors. The committee also launched the Class and Fleet Finder features, which allow One Design Classes to post an information page about their class and a contact listing of each of their fleets across the country.  

An association-specific version of the survey will be sent to class leaders to get more in-depth answers. 

The survey closes on December 6th, and results will be compiled to see trends in the American one design community, with a report released by US Sailing. All answers are 100% confidential. The survey results will be presented at the 2023 US Sailing Leadership Forum in February. 

Take the individual survey: