Top 10 – April 19 2017

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April 19, 2017
Dave Perry

Nevin Snow Becomes New Number One U.S. Match Racer

Nevin Snow (San Diego) has taken over the number one spot in the U.S. on the strength of his winning the 2016 U.S. Match Racing Championship. Christophe Killian (Newport Beach, CA) is number two. David Storrs (Southport, CT) stands at number three, followed by Peter Holz (Chicago) and Nicole Breault (San Francisco, CA). Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI) and her Epic Racing team continue their long hold on the number one spot among U.S. women match racers, followed by 2016 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Champion Nicole Breault and Janel Zarkowsky (Annapolis, MD).

Open Rankings:

  1. Nevin Snow (13 in the World)
  2. Christophe Killian (17 in the World)
  3. David Storrs (19 in the World)
  4. Peter Holz (24 in the World)
  5. Nicole Breault (29 in the World)
  6. Steve Lowery
  7. Charlie Lalumiere
  8. Nathan Hollerbach
  9. Shane Young
  10.  Russ Silvestri

Women’s Rankings:

  1. Stephanie Roble (2 in the World)
  2. Nicole Breault (6 in the World)
  3. Janel Zarkowsky (33 in the World)
  4. Morgan Wilson (39 in the World)
  5. Robyn Lesh (57 in the World)
  6. Sally Barkow
  7. Maggie Shea
  8. Sandy Hayes
  9. Rebecca McElvain
  10. Stephanie Wondolleck