Sponsorship Request Tips

Trying to build your club’s sponsor portfolio for an upcoming event? Here are some helpful sponsorship request tips from Whitney Peterson, VP of Marketing at Gowrie Group.

1. Be clear on what you are asking for.
• In-kind vs. Cash sponsorship
• One time vs. annual request

2. Align with the company’s passions or a key-person’s affinities.
• CEO loves sailing, a company that supports athletes
• Your own personal connection with the company

3. Be creative and selective.
• Local vs. National
• Marine vs. Non-Marine
• Offer something different – a logo on your t-shirt is not enough

4. Make it easy to sell, and easy to buy.
• Package by levels, easy to compare
• Clearly state dates, times, locations, deadlines
• Provide one point of contact for sponsors

5. Be thankful and show respect to the sponsor.
• Thank the sponsor before, at, and after the event
• Send a thank you report showcasing their brand in action