Roble and Wilson Still Number One Match Racers in U.S.

August 19, 2014
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Dave Perry

Roble and Wilson Still Number One Match Racers in U.S.

The women’s match racing rankings remain unchanged other than Andrea Cabito (San Francisco, CA) moving into the number 10 spot. Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI) and her Epic Racing team hold onto the number one spot among U.S. women match racers, and remain number three in the world. Nicole Breault (San Francisco, CA) and Katie Maxim (San Francisco, CA) remain number two and three.

Don Wilson (Chicago, IL) remains the number one Open U.S. match racer, and moves up to number 18 in the world. Chris Poole (Portland, Maine) and his Riptide Racing Team remain in second. The biggest jump is Steve Lowery (Chicago, IL), from 7th to 3rd, based on his second place finishes at three Chicago Match Race Center events this summer.

Women Rankings

1.    Stephanie Roble
2.    Nicole Breault
3.    Katie Maxim
4.    Sandy Hayes
5.    Danielle Gallo
6.    Madeline Gill
7.    Jennifer Wilson
8.    Genny Tulloch
9.     Shala Lawrence
10.     Andrea Cabito

Open Rankings

1.    Donald Wilson
2.    Christopher Poole
3.    Steven Lowery
4.    Dustin Durant
5.    David Niemann
6.    David Storrs
7.    Stephanie Roble
8.    Matthew Graham
9.    Dave Perry
10.    Ryan Davidson