Rio 2016 (Sailing): Light Winds Challenge Para Fleets

Pictured: Doerr, Kendell and Freund (Sonar) racing on Tuesday.


September 13, 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – All three fleets at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games sailing competition were challenged with a long postponement and tricky weather conditions on Day Two of racing on Guanabara Bay. After being cleared to launch shortly after 2:00PM local time, one race was attempted for each class. The Sonar and SKUD-18 classes were able to complete a race, while the 2.4mR contest was cancelled partway through due to lack of wind.

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Rick Doerr (Clifton, N.J.), Brad Kendell (Tampa, Fla.) and Hugh Freund (South Freeport, Maine) took 9th in the day’s only race, and sit in 7th overall. The Americans started near the middle of the line, and like most of the fleet charged towards the left side of the course towards the spectators lining Flamengo Beach. “Our start was fine, but the issue we had was during the race to the shore,” said Freund. “We ended up getting pinned too far left by the fleet, and we couldn’t come back until it was too late. We made some gains on both downwind legs by finding puffs, which kept us in it.”


Pictured: Sonar racing on Day Two of Rio 2016.

On the SKUD-18 course, Ryan Porteous (San Diego, Calif.) and Beijing 2008 gold medalist Maureen McKinnon (Marblehead, Mass.) endured even lighter conditions, with the technical two-person keelboat fleet gliding across glassy waters.

“We had a really nice spot on the starting line, but everyone to the right of us just lifted away,” said Porteous, a physics student at UC Santa Barbara. “We started in a right [shift], and unfortunately we were the second boat from the pin (left) end of the line. Three quarters of the way up the first leg, we saw that we were [tactically] hurting, so we tacked back towards the right. But then the left filled in right away. So we were chasing the breeze, but not quite getting there.” Porteous and McKinnon finished 6th, and stand in 6th overall.

Racing will continue on Wednesday, September 14, at the Rio 2016 Paralympic sailing competition. Three races are planned for each fleet. Medals are scheduled to be awarded in all three classes on Saturday, September 17. More information can be found below.


Pictured: Porteous and McKinnon, SKUD-18 class.

Standings: Rio 2016 Paralympic Sailing Competition (Day 2)

Full Results: Rio 2016

2.4mR (One-Person Keelboat) Top 10:

  1. GBR – LUCAS Helena: 3
  2. GER – KROGER Heiko: 5
  3. USA – SMITH Dee: 8
  4. AUS – BUGG Matthew: 8
  5. FRA – SEGUIN Damien: 9
  6. NOR – ERIKSTAD Bjornar: 11
  7. ITA – SQUIZZATO Antonio: 16
  8. CAN – MILLAR Bruce: 16
  9. AUT – REIGER Sven: 16
  10. FIN – SALOMAA Niko: 20

SKUD-18 (Two-Person Keelboat) Top 10:

  1. AUS – SITZGIBBON Daniel, TESCH Liest: 4
  2. CAN  – MCROBERTS John, GAY Jackie: 9
  3. GBR – RICKHAM Alexandra, BIRRELL Niki: 11
  4. ITA – GUALANDRIS Marco Carlo, ZANETTI Marta: 13
  5. POL – GIBES Monika, CICHOCKI Piotr: 17
  6. USA – PORTEOUS Ryan, MCKINNON Maureen: 18
  7. SIN – TAN Wei Qiang Jovin, YAP Qian Yin: 20
  8. NED – SCHRAMA Rolf, NAP Sandra: 23
  9. BRA – LANDGRAF Bruno, DE ALMEIDA Marinalva: 25
  10. ESP – ROIG ALZAMORA Sergi, DEL REINO Violeta: 28

Sonar (Three-Person Keelboat) Top 10:

  1. AUS – HARRISON Colin, HARRIS Jonathan, BOADEN Russell: 8
  2. CAN – TINGLEY Paul, LUTES Scott, CAMPBELL Logan: 11
  3. GRE – CHRISTOFOROU Vasileios, ALEXAS Theodoros, NOTAROGLOU Anargyros: 12
  4. NZL – DODSON Richard, MAY Andrew, SHARP Chris: 15
  5. GER – KLOTZING Lasse, KROKER Jens, MAINKA Siegmund: 16
  6. NOR – WANG-HANSEN Aleksander, SOLBERG Marie, KRISTIANSEN Per Eugen: 17
  7. USA – DOERR Rick, FREUND Hugh, KENDELL Brad: 19
  8. ISR – COHEN Dror, BEN YAKOV Shimon, EFRATI Arnon: 20
  9. FRA – JOURDREN Bruno, FLAGEUL Eric, VIMONT-VICARY Nicolas: 28

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