Alex Temko and Fiona Wylde named iQFoil National Champions

CLEARWATER, FL (November 14, 2021) – The three-day iQFoil National Championship flew by almost as fast as a foil glides through the water. Battling a wide range of conditions, the fleet experienced both the low end [6-7 knots] and high end, [14-15 knots], of the Slalom course. Alex Temko (Palm Harbor, Fla.) takes the win in a tie break over his training partner, Noah Lyons (Clearwater, Fla.). A close event is nothing new to the duo, the two were tied going into the last race of the Jr. Pan Am selection event this summer; A photo finish in the last race earned Alex his spot at the Jr. Pan Am event later this month.

Top 3 US Men iQFoil results:

  • 1st – Alex Temko (Palm Harbor, Fla.)*
  • 2nd – Noah Lyons (Clearwater, Fla.)
  • 3rd – Ethan Froelich – (Austin, TX)

*Reference World Sailing RRS – Windsurfing Slalom Racing Rules

Top 3 US Women iQFoil results:

  • 1st Fiona Wylde (Hood River, OR)
  • 2nd Danicka Sailer (Honolulu, HI)
  • 3rd Dominique Stater (Miami, Fla.)

Link to full results

Wrapping up his last event before Jr. Pan Ams, Alex emphasized the value of his training partner, “I’m glad I have Noah pushing me and helping me get to the next level. I’m going into Jr. Pan Ams with confidence. We’ve been training hard.”

“I’m super stoked for Alex to take the win! Notes Noah, I know he would be just as stoked for me; we are pushing each other to our limits.”

When asked about their training program, Alex and Noah emphasized, “the coaching and support from US Sailing has been invaluable. Working with Fuzz at this event was awesome – the squad used trackers and we tested things we’ve wanted to focus on for a long time, it was technical and awesome.” The three days of racing featured full squad debriefs and collaboration, supporting the growth and development of the new Olympic discipline.

Olympian, Pedro Pascual (Miami, Fla.), debuting on the iQFoil equipment was happy with his overall performance, noting “I have speed but need to improve on the foiling maneuvers. My evolution looks pretty fast, and I hope to fight for the top spots pretty soon.” Pascual finished 8th in the event.

Temko, Lyons, and Pascual will continue training in Clearwater with the local squad, consolidating their efforts and pushing each other to improve and prepare for the next event.

On her win in the female discipline, Fiona Wylde (Hood River, OR), recognized how great it was to have all the 8Ms [women and youth division] sailing together, “the fleet was very fast and strategic. My two race wins demonstrated how I am advancing in the class. Wylde is no rookie to competition, originally a standup paddle boarder, she’s a 2x ICF Standup Paddle Board World Champion, won the 2021 European Championship tour, and a week ago won the 2021 Wingfoil Racing World Cup. Jumping into the iQ class a year ago, Fiona notes, “this event was the first time I felt really comfortable sailing the iQFoil gear and managing the racecourse.”

Racing was tight throughout the event for both the men’s and women’s disciplines. It was a battle on the start line and provided a spectacular show for spectators, coaches, event organizers and race officials. Of the competitors racing in Clearwater, a majority were under 20 years old, an inspiring look towards the future of the new Olympic discipline, windsurfing, and foiling in the US.