Felix Finds His Confidence, Thanks to You

At the beginning of his first sailing lesson, Felix was afraid to even put his foot in the water for a swim check. But thanks to your support, he’s not afraid anymore!

When Felix joined the Siebel Sailors Program, he already knew how to swim. In fact, the loved the water. But his only water experience had been in swimming pools.

At 9 years old, he had never been in a boat, and the turtle grass floating under the dock filled him with dread. He didn’t want to get in the water or even in a boat. His fear was overwhelming.

Fortunately, at Siebel Sailors, Felix felt supported and valued. His coach recognized Felix’s fears and focused on meeting his individual needs. And it worked!

Felix went from being terrified of the water, to timidly getting into the sailboat, to eagerly awaiting the next lesson.

Each of these steps may seem small, but every one of them was huge for Felix.

Through sailing, he learned to take risks and tackle new challenges. He faced his own fears and overcame them. He even started swimming in the bay!

Felix’s newfound confidence was clear when he eagerly asked his coach, “Can we sail back to the sandbar tomorrow?”

Your support helped Felix overcome challenges and develop confidence that will last a lifetime – both on and off the water.

Thank you!


To learn more about the Siebel Sailors Program please visit Siebel Sailors Program – US Sailing.


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Felix’s name was changed for youth privacy and protection.