Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Please click on a box below to be directed to additional resources to help you and your organization encourage and promote diversity, equity and inclusivity.

This page provides a variety of resources that we hope you will find useful. It is by no means complete and will continue to evolve. If you have a resource, that you feel we should include, please share it with us using this form.

US Sailing Event Presentations

The following presentations are from the Sailing Leadership Forum (SLF), National Sailing Programs Symposium (NSPS) or Starboard Portal

Educational Programming

These educational resources were developed by the Ross Initiative in Sports For Equality (RISE),  a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations. We encourage you to visit their page and learn more. Please note that all links to modules will open on the RISE webpage.