The Tuna Fund

Tuna Fund Reimbursement Request Form

Please complete a separate form for each event where Tuna Fund reimbursement is requested.

Note: Be sure to review all of the requirements and rules found on the Tuna Fund page of the US Sailing website.

  1. The Chief Umpires Regatta Report (ISAF) form for each event listed MUST be submitted with this request form.
  2. Receipts for each expense item for which reimbursement is sought MUST be submitted with the request form.
  3. This request form MUST be submitted electronically no later than Dec 31 of the year the expense was incurred.
  4. This form completed in full and all documentation shall be submitted electronically to the Distribution Subcommittee Chair.
  5. Only travel expenses may be entered at this time, or those expenses for an Umpire Committee approved Umpire Seminar Presenter or Evaluator. In both instances the expense shall conform to the Tuna Fund Rules.