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John H. Gardiner Jr Trophy – One Design Service Award

In recognition of distinguished service and leadership in the promotion of one design sailing and class organization.

The John H. Gardiner Jr. trophy & service award was adopted by US Sailing in
1995 to honor John and his passion for supporting one design sailing. John
created and promoted the Florida Red Lobster Cup in the 80’s. His enthusiasm
grew the event to include six hundred sailors in multiple fleets, clinics run
by professional sailors, numerous sponsors, outstanding raffle items, and
community support. The key to John’s success was in the sailors and friends
that he brought together year after year.


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Additional Information

John H. Gardiner Jr One Design Service Award Trophy for Shipping


To maintain the integrity of the John H. Gardiner Jr. Trophy, a placard was created so not to damage the perpetual trophy during shipping. The Gardiner Trophy is on display at the US Sailing headquarters in Bristol, RI.

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