Youth Champs Perspective from Phil Muller

From US Sailing Youth Performance Manager, Phil Muller:
The US Sailing Youth Championships is special, not only because of its history and longevity, but because it nudges us all a little closer together. To see the Nacra15, 29er, i420 and ILCA sailors rigging side by side along Roger William’s University lush waterfront makes me really proud of American sailing.
Day 1 of racing was a froth of spray: steep chop and gusty winds into the high 20s made it difficult for boats luffing to haul out, but a school of sailors were in the water helping one another safely return to shore. A true display of sportsmanship.
Racing days 2-3 brought fog and lighter breeze, rounding out the conditions for the overall event.
This year’s event saw the rise of the siblings in the 29er, Nacra 15 and ILCA 6 fleets.
Brothers Tyler and Andrew Lamm pulled off a hat trick winning the gold medal and Trevor Oakley Moore Trophy for the third year in a row; followed by Kevin Cason and Holland Veirling from Coronado YC / San Diego YC; and Canadian Youth Worlds 2024 team Callum Ruch and Nicole Ottum.
A three way tie going into the last race in the Nacra 15 fleet saw sister/brother team Brooke & Conner Mertz win out over Lauderdale Yacht Club teammates Cody Rowe & KJ Hill; and 2024 Youth Worlds Team Casey Small and Dylan Tomko secured third place.
In the ILCA 6 GCYSA’s William Baker dominated the race track netting 10 points in the series; with South Carolina’s twins James Pine and Nathan Pine in second and third place respectively.
The final race in the i420 fleet reshuffled the podium with all female team Helena Borsherding and Genevieve Schmidt winning gold, Glen Foster and Pierpaolo Baldessari in second; Leo Robillard and Gavin Murphy jumping up to third overall.
After a strong first day in the breeze ILCA 7 winner Connor McHugh topped out over Charlie Gish and Callen Burnett in second and third respectively.