Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool: The regatta website

Does your regatta website succeed in engaging the public and preparing your competitors? Jared Wohlgemuth of the San Diego Yacht Club walks us through the “must-haves” for your regatta website.

  • Define Your Regatta: recurring event or singular, local/regional, national/international, media attention, sponsor requirements
  • Know Participant’s Needs: regatta documents, logistics, schedules, value for participation, regatta management contacts
  • Involve the Media: basic event info, timely press releases/recaps, access to competitors, credential sign up, media contact, media list
  • Live Coverage: live video, race tracking, social media, timely results posted
  • Know Regatta Website Basics: event name/logo, dates prominently displayed, locations/host, regatta documents, contact info, registration, timely results
  • Additional Components: information on hospitality, event news, chartering, social media, jury notices, merchandise, volunteers, photos and video, entry list, history of the event, previous winners, about the host and venue content

Learn more on how to develop a regatta website from the 2014 US Sailing Leadership Forum, including multiple examples of how race organizers have used their website to share their message and inform racers.