US Sailing Team and Kilroy Realty Bring Innovation to Life and the Streets of San Francisco

Innovation is a team effort.  Kilroy Realty and US Sailing showcase their innovative partnership through a progressive video in San Francisco at Kilroy’s 100 First Street offices. Featuring up-close, extremely high definition footage of US Sailing Team members Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea, the result is as close as you can get to world-class sailing without getting wet.

“Kilroy’s new content on the Okta Media Wall at 100 First uniquely showcases our brand and our partnership with the US Sailing Team,” says John Kilroy, Kilroy’s Chairman, and CEO. “The content is artistic, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. I can’t think of a better way to present Kilroy’s partnership with the US Sailing Team.”

“If we don’t engage and excite the public on land about our efforts on the water, we haven’t succeeded,” says Peter Glass of US Sailing. “Having a partner like Kilroy is crucial. Their support not only keeps us racing, but just as importantly, keeps us visible to fans and other potential partners. The video wall in San Francisco is going to bring the hard work of our young athletes to more people than we’d ever be able to reach otherwise.”

These large format media walls are an example of how Kilroy uses technology and state-of-the-art visualization to market their brand and portfolio. The US Sailing Team is excited to showcase its athletes in such a remarkable medium.

“As a sailor himself, John Kilroy understands the need to innovate, on land and on deck,” said Glass. “It makes for an ideal partner for US Sailing.”

The Kilroy video of the US Sailing Team is free and open to the public, looping throughout the day, Monday through Friday during high-volume times, at Kilroy’s 100 First Street office in San Francisco. Check out a glimpse online.