US Sailing and the Sperry Local Ambassador Program

Meet David Loring from Charleston, S.C.

US Sailing and Sperry have partnered in a joint effort to recognize local sailors for contributions made to their respective sailing communities. Sperry Local Ambassadors have a passion for sailing and they share that passion with others to get out on the water and support the growth of the sport.

David Loring grew up sailing at Columbia Sailing Club and he is widely recognized as one of the most respected and accomplished sailors in the Charleston area. This talented sailor has won three Sunfish World Championships and a Laser North American Championship, to name a few.

David is a 10-year member of the James Island Yacht Club sailing committee and he has played an instrumental role in significantly growing participation in the youth programs at the club. David also serves on the College of Charleston Sailing Walker advisory board. He is also an active coach at all levels and has helped lead the new and growing program at Oceanside High School in Mt. Pleasant.

A Q&A with David Loring: 

What is special about Charleston and the water that surrounds it?

“Charleston is one of the best places to sail in all of North America. We have consistent breezes every day in the summer. We have wide open space for sailing the Moth and Waszp, with a beautiful Charleston surrounding in the background. I also love the complexity of sailing in our tides. It adds an entirely new element to sailing, which is a fun challenge and things change all the time in the Harbor.”

What/who inspired your love for the water?

“My dad kept me on the water my entire childhood racing Y-Flyers. If I’m not sailing, I’m surfing, fishing or on the water doing something. The ocean is a huge part of me and my family. I have now passed that onto all three of my children. All three kids are competitive sailors and love everything about the ocean.”

If there is one thing the Charleston community could do to become more sustainable, what would that be?

“Main thing is plastics for me. Re-usable water bottles are key and always clean-up where ever you are. We go out to Morris and bring huge trash bags home, if everyone would just grab a bag it would make a huge difference. My family does beach clean-up and my youngest, while racing last year, picked up trash going upwind (I would rather her focus and win, but it shows how much she cares).