US Sailing Seeks Recommendations for Safety Equipment Requirements

Portsmouth, R.I. (July 1, 2015) – When US Sailing introduced the sailor-friendly Safety Equipment Requirements (SER) in early 2015, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to prepare boats for offshore sailing. Updated with revised language and re-organized into three categories, the SERs have been widely adopted by organizing authorities across the country.

In preparation for 2016, members of the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee have created a more basic process for sailors to provide feedback improving the SERs. The user-friendly interface allows individuals to review the current requirements and make recommendation on how to make them easier to understand, comply with, or add requirements that you believe should be included.

This interactive feature opens July 1. Following this process, the Safety at Sea Committee will consider all recommendations. A second review period of proposed changes will occur in September.

If you’re an offshore racer, yacht club member, or someone who’s interested in safety at sea, we want to hear from you.

Also, if your club has not adopted the Safety Equipment Requirements for your races, please consider using them. They are intended to make it easier for anyone to equip a boat for safe racing and cruising.

Visit the SER website at This information can also be accessed on the US Sailing Safety at Sea website.

Contact: Jake Fish, US Sailing Communications Manager,

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