US Sailing Regional Symposiums – Notes & Quotes

US Sailing Regional Symposiums

Davis Island Yacht Club – November 1, 2014

Top 5 Takeaways –

  • Keep sailing fun – Use Junior Big Boat, Reach, & women’s sailing
  • Women’s sailing drives support through voluntarism, donations, etc
  • Home school programming offers a profitable market at a great time
  • Give back to those that help you and your program – residual fundraising event follow through
  • Annual signature events are raising $20,000 or more

Jessica Servis – Moderator
“With several new program directors in attendance from the area, the Southeast Region has fresh blood bringing new ideas and a fresh outlook. A few reasons it was important to attend was the opportunity to put new names with faces, collaborate and share what works in the region, and the opportunity to co-plan events for 2015 and get the sailing calendar rolling.”

Quotes from participants –
“Our most important discussion that we had at our Regional Symposium this year was how different centers, groups, and foundations are introducing new demographics to sailing through after school programs, learn to sail opportunities, and Reach. Breaking down the barriers that sailing is just for the elite and wealthy. I feel it is important to attend the Regional Symposiums to make sure each sailing center, group, and/or foundation, is supporting each other through regatta attendance, shared ideas and solutions, to encourage the growth of sailing within our region.” – Jane Millican

“We welcomed three new directors to the Region – Jodi Weinbecker (transfer from Southern YC, New Orleans to Florida YC, Jacksonville), Alana O’Reilly (transfer from Charleston & Annapolis to Sarasota), and Maureen Cacioppo (new ED at Clearwater CSC with tons of non-profit background). The three new program directors bring fresh ideas and an abundance of enthusiasm to the region.” – Stephanie Webb

Regional Topics –
Year-round programming
2015 Regatta Co-planning
Encouraging youth to try other boats.

National Topics –
Hiring practices
Developing funds
Benefits of 501(c)3 partnerships
Managing parents at regattas
Women’s programming


Austin Yacht Club – October 10, 2014

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Further collaboration within the region is crucial.
  • Participants actively seeking to increase the number of Level 1 certified instructors on their staff.
  • Interest in developing adaptive sailing programs within the region.
  • Interest in further developing open/adventure sailing programs and combining with Reach/STEM.
  • US Sailing needs to step up communications/marketing in the region (TX)

Jonathan Meyers – Moderator
“The symposium brought together representatives from vastly different sailing programs including yacht clubs, camps and for-profit commercial schools. It provided a unique experience for representatives to share ideas and determine how to best serve not only their own programs, but the region as a whole.”

Regional Topic –
Volunteers and staff management

National Topic –
Training Programs
Adult Learn to Sail
Junior Sailing: Beyond Regattas


Crescent Sail Yacht Club – October 11, 2014

Top 3 Takeaways –

  • Start planning for instructors early (Jan. 1)
  • Create a feeling of belonging & ownership
  • Include an internship for college staff (summer employment)

Jessica Service – Moderator
“The Great Lakes area is building a pipeline for high school and college sailing, they are looking for new and innovative ways to partner with local schools. The event was unique because we discussed how to partner with local high schools, colleges, and middle schools through sailing and STEM.”

Quotes from Participants –
“High school sailing is in it’s infancy in Ohio with several areas starting to set up teams. Getting together with the established Detroit area schools to develop relationships, get the beginnings of a regatta schedule for Spring ’15 together and meeting the conference coordinators was a very good first step in our process. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without the Regional Symposium. I learn something new every time I attend an RSPS, and this fall’s session was no different. Recognizing that we’re all struggling with the same issues and bouncing ideas/solutions off of each other has always been the main benefit of these meetings.” – Jamie Jones

Regional Topics –
Running successful regattas
Building high school sailing

National Topics –
Hiring staff
Developing funds
Managing volunteers