US Sailing Moves Forward with Offshore Strategic Plan

Portsmouth, R.I. (February 25, 2015) – US Sailing’s Board of Directors is moving forward with the implementation of the Offshore Division’s strategic plan. The Board has confirmed the authority of the Offshore Division that empowers the management team to be responsible and accountable for developing and executing a plan to improve Offshore’s capabilities.

As part of the organization’s commitment to improving service to offshore sailors and expanding offshore and big boat racing, US Sailing has made a significant addition to the Offshore staff. Jay Hansen, former COO of North Technology Group, has joined US Sailing’s Offshore Department. He will take responsibility and have the authority to implement the strategic plan.

Dan Nowlan will continue to play a critical role during this restructuring and revitalization, a process that will likely take several years. These developments, along with a new technology partner, position US Sailing Offshore to help grow offshore sailing by delivering the services our members require.