US Sailing Adaptive Instructor Explained   

Are you a certified instructor, program director, or volunteer eager to contribute to the world of adaptive sailing? If you’re interested in starting an adaptive program or helping individuals with disabilities or those needing special accommodations to sail, then the Adaptive Instructor Workshop by US Sailing is tailor-made for you. 

 What is the Adaptive Instructor Workshop? 

The Adaptive Instructor Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to equip instructors, volunteers, and program directors with the skills and knowledge necessary to start and manage an adaptive sailing program. This workshop covers a range of essential topics, including: 

  • Facility Requirements: Understanding the necessary modifications and accommodations needed for an adaptive sailing facility. 
  • Disability Awareness: Gaining insights into various disabilities, such as physical, vision, learning, intellectual challenges, and conditions on the autism spectrum. 
  • Breaking Down Barriers: Identifying and addressing obstacles to participation for sailors with disabilities. 
  • Safety Requirements: Ensuring safety protocols are in place to protect sailors and instructors. 
  • Volunteer/Staff Training: Training staff and volunteers to effectively assist and instruct sailors with disabilities. 
  • Boat and Equipment Adaptations: Learning how to safely modify boats and equipment to accommodate sailors with different needs. 
  • Transfer Techniques: Teaching methods for helping sailors transfer on and off boats safely. 

By minimizing the impact of disabilities on sailing and maximizing each sailor’s potential, the workshop aims to make sailing an inclusive and accessible sport for everyone. 

Why Should You Take the Adaptive Instructor Workshop? 

The Adaptive Instructor Workshop offers a highly interactive learning experience. Attendees participate in a variety of hands-on exercises to better understand what’s required to assist and teach sailors with disabilities. This practical approach helps participants gain confidence in their ability to support sailors with physical, intellectual, and vision impairments, as well as those on the autism spectrum. 

Some key benefits of taking this workshop include: 

  • Enhanced Certification: Instructors can earn endorsements to their US Sailing Small Boat Level I and US Sailing Basic Keelboat certifications. 
  • Inclusive Sailing: By completing this workshop, you’ll contribute to making sailing a more accessible and inclusive sport. 
  • Resource-Rich Learning: The Adaptive Sailing Resource Manual, provided during the course, is a comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights and resources for developing or expanding adaptive sailing programs. 

US Sailing’s Adaptive Instructors Workshop is packed with resources to support you as you learn about facility requirements, equipment adaptations, staff training tips, recruitment strategies, funding opportunities, and more. This workshop is not just about education; it’s about empowerment—equipping you with the tools and knowledge to make a meaningful impact in the sailing community. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your certification, train staff and volunteers, or simply make sailing more accessible, the Adaptive Instructor Workshop provides the essential foundation needed to support sailors with disabilities effectively. Join this workshop and become a catalyst for change in the world of adaptive sailing. 

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