Top 10-Oct 20 2015

October 20, 2015
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Dave Perry

Stephanie Roble and David Storrs Number One U.S. Match Racers

Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI) and her Epic Racing team continue as the number one U.S. women match racers, but move up to number two in the world, with a strong win at the Buddy Melges Challenge, a stop on the Womens International Match Racing (WIM) Series, a series they now lead. Nicole Breault (San Francisco, CA) is in second place (and 11th in the world) with wins at the 2015 ISAF Nations Cup and U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship. Katie Maxim (San Francisco, CA) moves up into third. The U.S. has three sailors in the top 50 worldwide.

David Storrs (Southport, CT) regains the number one spot in the U.S. rankings with wins at the Better Chip Match regatta at Oakcliff Sailing and the Chicago Match Cup, and a strong second place at the 2015 U.S. Match Racing Championship. Storrs is now number 19 in the world. Don Wilson (Chicago, IL) is in second place (and 21st in the world) based on his wins at the Chicago Match Cup qualifier and a fourth place at the Chicago Match Cup, a stop on the U.S. Grand Slam Series. Collegiate sailor Nevin Snow (San Diego, CA) jumps from seventh to third (and 22nd in the world) on the strength of his fourth place finish at the 2015 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship. The U.S. has 10 sailors in the top 50 worldwide.

Women’s Rankings

1.    Stephanie Roble
2.    Nicole Breault
3.    Katie Maxim
4.    Sandy Hayes
5.    Danielle Gallo
6.    Madeline Gill
7.    Morgan Wilson
8.    Stephanie Wondolleck
9.    Wendy Corzine
10.     Alison Kent

Open Rankings

1.    David Storrs
2.    Donald Wilson
3.    Nevin Snow
4.    Christopher Poole
5.    Steven Lowery
6.    Christopher Killian
7.    Russ Silvestri
8.    Peter Holz
9.    Charles Lalumiere
10.     Dave Perry