Into the Record Books

After helping set the Chicago to Mackinac Course Record as crew aboard Areté in 2021, the 40-year-old is just getting started  289 nautical miles. 12 hours. Scream reaching 23 knots aboard a “three hulled rocket ship,” designed for speed over comfort, crossing the finish line in the dead of night.   It was under these…Read More

A Conversation with Renae and Rhonda Mintz

Renae and Rhonda Mintz are serial entrepreneurs, professors, IT professionals, a project manager, NASM certified personal trainers, and mechanical design engineers with a proven track record of developing business solutions for Fortune 500, mid-size, and start-up organizations and instruction of the future generations. They are expert problem solvers and change agents whose have seen many…Read More

Marie Rogers: From Newcomer to Change Maker

When Marie Rogers got out sailing for the first time at the age of 28, she fell in love. Since then, she’s become the first Black woman to hold the Commodoreship at a Los Angeles Yacht Club, become a 50-T Master Captain and certified sailing instructor, started a community sailing program, and participated in major…Read More

The Siebel Sailors Program: Inclusion in Action

According to the American Psychological Association, participation in sport can provide benefits to underrepresented communities, “but only within an intentionally created environment.”   That’s exactly what the Siebel Sailors Program aims to do.   "In order to get more Black students involved, we at white-led organizations need to check ourselves to see if we’re reaching out in…Read More

Paul Cuffee: Mariner, Pioneer, American Icon

Transatlantic voyages aboard self-made ships. Blockade running under the dead of moonless nights. A wildly successful shipping business. A groundbreaking push for equality and a dream of Pan-Africanism, nearly a century before Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.    How could you not know about this American icon, right?   While it may seem improbable, this is the story of…Read More