Sunday Recap: 2016 U.S. Match Racing Championship


by Emily Willhoft

  • Wind was slow to start this morning, but picked about around noon to start racing. Remained patchy throughout the semifinal.
  • All day long the racing was tight and competitive with really good exchanges in the semifinals. As always in match racing, pre-starts and starts were important.
  • Snow, Dellenbaugh, Merrick and Lalumiere raced in the semifinals with Snow and Dellenbaugh advancing to the final and Merrick and Lalumiere racing in the petite final. Competitors in the petite final needed two races to win third and competitors in the final needed three races to win first.
  • Merrick and Lalumiere each won one race, so it came down to race 3 where Lalumiere finished first, winning third place in the overall championship.
  • Snow won the first three consecutive races making Dellenbaugh the second place finisher and Snow the winner of the Prince of Wales Bowl.
  • Races were typically won right off the starting line by choosing where to go. Coming downwind, people tended to play the eastern   race course where there was more pressure.
  • Throughout the final, Snow was slow at start with a late tack and he was then able to find more pressure on the right. Even though his starts weren’t as fast as Dellenbaugh’s, he was able to come back and win each race.
  • Within the top three places, there was quite a range of experience. Lalumiere is a current college student, Snow is a recent college graduate, and Dellenbaugh is a seasoned sailor having won the Prince of Wales trophy three times in his sailing career.