US Sailing and the Sperry Local Ambassador Program – Michael Ramming

US Sailing and Sperry have partnered to recognize local sailors for contributions made to their respective sailing communities. Sperry Local Ambassadors have a passion for sailing and they share that passion with others to get out on the water and support the growth of our sport. The Sperry Local Ambassador for the 2019 U.S. Team Racing Championship for the Hinman Trophy, hosted by Newport Harbor Yacht Club (Calif.) on August 16-18, is Michael Ramming.

Meet Michael Ramming of Newport Beach, California

Since graduating from the College of Charleston in 2013, Michael has held a seat on the Newport Harbor Yacht Club Skipper Board and has also served as fleet captain of the Lehman 12 class. As a result of his efforts, the Lehman fleet has consistently had 10-15 boats on the starting line during weeknight racing, and the annual class championship is a well-attended and competitive event.

“I nominated Michael Ramming because he is a person that dedicates a lot of his spare time to helping others in our community gain access to sailing,” said Brian Bissell, Regatta Chair of the 2019 U.S. Team Racing Championship. “We have a local fleet of boats called Lehman 12s and the class was struggling with participation a few years ago. Michael took charge as fleet captain and completely revitalized the fleet by matching young recent college grads with boats that weren’t being used. His energy has brought new life to the fleet and has provided many people in his peer group with opportunities to get out on the water and race. He also spearheaded a Harbor 20 rental program at our yacht club that gives younger members that might not be able to afford buying a Harbor 20, a way to rent one.”

A Q&A with Michael Ramming:

US Sailing: What is special about your local sailing community and the water that surrounds it?

Michael Ramming: “I believe it’s the people that make our sailing community so special. I’ve never been around a more fun group of people in my life, and the environment they create with their passion and energy keeps you wanting to come back for more. Also want to shout out NHYC for all the support they have given, and continue to give our sailing community. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

US Sailing: What/who inspired your love for the water?

Michael Ramming: “My parents and friends. My father had me in boats and in the water before I could walk, he taught me everything I know about sailing. Also, my friends, who continue to make sailing so fun and competitive every day.”